Virtual Annual Meeting!

September 24 – 27, 2020

We have an exciting program lined up.
While we can’t be together, join us in prayer and community for these special events!  
We have so much to share and talk about. Don’t miss them.

Thursday, September 24th

7:00pm – 9:00pm PDT Reflection, Rosary, and Pilgrimage (via Zoom)

The Rosary is organized by Los Angeles Area Co-Councillors, Sir Dennis and Dame Susan De Pietro. Councillors and Co-Councillors from each area and state will be participating.


H.E. Dame Margaret Romano, DGCHS, Lieutenant, Western Lieutenancy


Rev. Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis, KCHS, Ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies. Ordained a priest in 1977, Monsignor holds a doctoral degree in theology.  Currently he serves as Pastor of San Rafael Parish in San Diego.

Monsignor will begin our prayer time with a reflection on the Cross, which is central to our faith and our inspiration for our hope, redemption and salvation. He will discuss, among other things, that the Lord does not give us crosses; rather, they are there waiting to fall on our shoulders without warning. But, with His freely-given grace, Christ becomes our Simon of Cyrene to help us carry our crosses in life.


Intentions:  Rev. Sir Lane Akiona (Hawaii)
Beginning Prayers: Sir Steve and Dame Kristin Luchetta (Orange County)
Decade 1:  Sir Bill and Dame Karen McEwen (Tucson)
Decade 2:  Sir Tom Castellanos and Dame Gloria Santos (Phoenix)
Decade 3:  Sir Dave and Dame Nancy Schanzlin (San Diego)
Decade 4:  Sir Fred and Dame Pam Strasser (Salt Lake City)
Decade 5:  Sir Joe & Dame Connie Micatrotto (Las Vegas)
End Prayers:  Sir Greg & Dame Densy Chandra (San Bernardino)


A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is an important event in the life of the Order. It has a highly spiritual, penitential, and symbolic value, and is a strong moral and individual commitment for all members. This new, captivating, and spiritually touching video will enhance your perspective about the land where Jesus walked 2,000 years ago. It is a must-see for everyone.

The Zoom link details for the Reflection, Rosary, and Pilgrimage will be provided to Members by email.

Friday, September 25th

8:00am PDT Investee, Promotee, and All Members Retreats (via Videos)

We offer three insightful pre-recorded retreats which will be sent out by email at 8:00am and will be posted here and be available thereafter.

Investee Retreat:

Presented by Rev. Fred Adamson, KHS. He has a Master of Divinity degree and serves as Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia for the Diocese of Phoenix.

The Investee retreat is in the tradition of the observance of vigil the night before investiture. St. Ignatius of Loyola wrote that in September 1523 he witnessed in Jerusalem the vigil and investiture of three of his co-pilgrims as Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. This happened at midnight, after Compline.

Father cites the main goals of the Order: the sanctification of the members and their growth in holiness. He also discusses the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity; what they mean and how they assist us in our spiritual journey.

Click here Investee Retreat – Part 1 (11:20)
Click here Investee Retreat – Part 2 (9:41)
Click here Investee Retreat – Part 3 (12:31)

Promotee Retreat:

Presented by Rev. Steve Porter, KCHS.  Father holds degrees in Church history and astrophysics. He was ordained as a priest in England in 1981. 

In this retreat, Father traces the history of the founding of the Order and discusses the responsibilities of, and the ten commandments for, 21st Century Knights and Dames.

Click here Promotee Retreat  (32:33)

All Members Retreat:

Presented by Rev. Dave Heney, KCHS.  Father has a Masters degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, and is a published author and an amateur archaeologist. He is currently the Pastor of St. Bruno Church in Whittier, CA.

Father delivers a very informative and engaging talk about the Mass, a must-listen for those who want to understand the individual parts of the Mass and their meaning. He traces the path of our Faith from the time of Christ to where we are today, and emphasizes the importance of attending Mass. He reminds us that God is love and, at Mass, we experience God’s love.

Click here All Members Retreat   (26:46)

Saturday, September 26th

8:00am PDT State of the Order Presentation (via Video)

We will have some exciting news and updates of various aspects in our Lieutenancy. Our overall involvement in the Holy Land is expanding, thanks to the commitment and generosity of our members. The details are inspiring.

This presentation will be given by our Lieutenant, Dame Margaret Romano, the Chancellor, Sir Viktor Rzeteljski, and Treasurer, Sir Brad Sharp.

The address will be sent in the form of a video to your email at 8:00am. It will also be available here on our website to be viewed at any time.

Click here to view the State of the Order Presentation

7:00pm PDT Social Hour (via Zoom)

This gathering will be a true social hour with real things to do and lots of opportunity to chat with your fellow members. Guaranteed to be a fun time and a great way to catch up with friends and meet new people from all areas of the Lieutenancy. Let’s not miss it for anything.

The event is organized by Orange County Co-Councillors, Sir Stephen and Dame Kristin Luchetta.

The Zoom link details for the Social Hour will be provided to Members by email.

Sunday, September 27th

2:00pm PDT Memorial Mass of Remembrance (via live-stream)

Since the last Annual Meeting in Phoenix, we sadly noted the passing of 31 members; friends and loved ones.  We miss them all and would like to honor their memory with a Memorial Mass of Remembrance. Mass will be celebrated by our Grand Prior, Most Reverend José H. Gomez, KC*HS, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles.

The Virtual Annual Meeting program mailed to all members last week contains the names of our recently-departed members. Please pray for them.

This will be a live-stream Mass and the link will be sent to you by email.

__________ Deus lo Vult! ___________