Annual Contribution

Your Annual Contributions are the lifeblood for the Equestrian Order’s efforts in the Holy Land. Together we provide over 90% of all the funding for the formation of Priests and Religious,  for support of local Parishes, for educating children in parochial schools and for higher education, helping the sick, disabled and displaced, championing justice, encouraging economic development, seeking peace and ultimately providing a path of hope for Christians in the Holy Land. After Spiritual growth for each other, it is our highest calling.

This is why the Western Lieutenancy asks that members meet their annual obligation to make a contribution at the beginning of every year. (The Lieutenancy has established an annual goal of $1000 per member).

When making an Annual Contribution, most every form of funding is welcome:

• Cash (by check mailed to the Lieutenancy Office);
• Through our website via Credit Card or Direct Debit from a bank account; 
• Stock – which can have a positive tax impact (contact the Office);
• IRA – new rules allow direct donation without a negative tax impact. Click here for details on making a contribution from your IRA.

Click here to securely make your Annual Contribution.

Annual Contribution for Life

Members of the Equestrian Order have the special opportunity to make a one-time gift that meets the member’s Annual Contribution obligation for life and provides an estate gift that keeps on giving beyond the member’s lifetime.  Members who make the Annual Contribution for Life (AC4L) are eligible for the Silver Level of the Legacy Society.  This most powerful annual giving tool provides the Lieutenancy the extra advantage of a dependable stream of income for planning and projects.

How the AC4L Works:

• The Member makes a one-time gift of $50,000 (in cash, stock, etc.);
• The Interest will cover the member’s Annual Contribution for Life;
• The Principal will become an estate gift upon the member’s passing;
• The Member is immediately qualified for the Silver Legacy Society;
• Special Option – a member can make their contribution over 5 years,
(along with an 
Annual Contribution of $1000 per year until the full amount is funded).

Click here for the AC4L enrollment form.
Click here to request AC4L description information.