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A Sense of Purpose

“We’ve had the privilege of organizing members who want to volunteer for the Annual Meeting since 2013. Volunteering provides a sense of purpose and gives EOHSJ members an opportunity to join in service for a successful Annual Meeting. Volunteering fosters community, spiritual engagement, social connections, self-satisfaction and fond memories.”

Sir Fred Strasser, KGCHS
Dame Pam Strasser, DGCHS

Annual Meeting Volunteer Coordinators

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Available volunteer Positions

Time in Prayer

Adoration Chapel Sentinels

To stand watch and be present during the exposition of the Holy Eucharist. Sentinels will be recognized by the wearing of their robes/capes and be in charge of any needs that may arise during their scheduled time in the Adoration Chapel.

support Retreatants

Investee and Promotee Retreats

Investee and Promotee retreats provide volunteers time to rekindle and deepen their relationship with God through service. Volunteers will assist the Retreat Master and Retreat Team in a variety of ways such as setting up and breaking down the venue, serving dinner, cleaning up, and assuring the venue is left as it was found. There is also a possibility of assistance needed during the retreat program as well. Volunteering and serving at these retreats can be a four- or five-hour commitment. 

guide members


Marshals act as sentinels charged with assembling and guiding members to a specific location. Marshals direct members to buses for transportation to and from various venues, as well as organizing members in proper order at each liturgical procession.

provide sacraments

Priest Confessor

Provides absolution and spiritual counsel to Knight and Dame Investees, General Membership and Guests at various times offered throughout the Meeting weekend.

WElcome members

Registration and Information Desk

Registration desk volunteers are most often the first to welcome and greet members to the Annual Meeting. They can be the ‘face’ of the meeting and provide valuable information about the weekend program. Volunteers will help guide and provide assistance for members’ various inquiries and or concerns.

assist investees


Robers are responsible for looking after and assisting newly invested members with placement and proper application of the regalia worn by newly invested Knights and Dames during the Investiture Mass.

assist at Mass


Ushers help set the stage for the sacredness and joy of the liturgies. Ushers guide guests, Investees, Promotees, General Membership, Council Members, VIP’s,  and Clergy to their proper seating location during the procession and other times during the Promotee and Investiture Masses. Ushers stand ready to assist anyone during the liturgies that may need assistance. Training is provided two hours before liturgies begin.

Arrange & organize

Ministry Fair Set-up

The Ministry Fair team needs about 5-8 volunteers to help with the setting up and taking down of the Ministry Fair tables and banners.  We need able bodied helpers who can help move small boxes around, set up banners, distribute flyers and pamphlets to the various MF tables for the setup on Thursday morning.  We need help again on Saturday afternoon to collect all the flyers and pamphlets from the MF tables, take down the banners, and then box things up to put in storage. 

Annual Meeting Volunteers