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The Western USA Lieutenancy works with several businesses in order to provide a variety of high-quality EOHSJ-specific uniform and accessories, along with companies providing access to products exported from the Holy Land.


Products for Purchase: Knight and Dame capes, Knight Berets and other products 
Link to store: https://barbiconi.it/en/102-holy-sepulchre

About the Store: 

In the early 1800s, the Barbiconi Family started the business in the ecclesiastical field, producing hats for all members of the clergy in a small store in the center of Rome. Late in the 1960s, the company turned its activity also to apparel of the main Chivalry Orders such as Malta and the Holy Sepulchre, manufacturing the uniform, the cape and the medals for Knights and Dames from all over the world.

Barbiconi still remains a family business and currently Christiana, Gabriele and Francesco represent the 6th generation. Their ambition is to ensure the continuation of the family heritage combining the spirit of severe elegance and the traditional highest standards of quality with a modern outlook in the design, in the use of materials and in the service offered to the customers.

House of Hansen

Products for Purchase: Knight Berets

Link to store: https://www.thehouseofhansen.com/

Great Impact

Products for Purchase: Variety of EOHSJ logo wares
Link to Store: https://www.greatimpactinc.com/stores/EOHSJWest

Mass Cards

Among our duties as Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is to pray for deceased members.  We have developed our own Mass Card in which Mass intentions are available for both members and non-members living or deceased.  Once we receive the specific information, we will send it to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem where a Mass will be celebrated for the intended person.  We encourage members to avail themselves of this grace-filled service. 

Nissan Brothers Bethlehem New Store

Products for Purchase: Products from the Holy Land
Link to store: https://nissanbros.com/ 

About the Store:

The History of the Nissan family is traced back to the early 20th Century. After so many years of hard work, the family managed to set foot in the Tourism Industry and was able to achieve many successes in this field and was passed on from Great Grandfather to son up-to-date. The Nissan family is one of the very few remaining Christian Families in The Holy Land. The Family is still using the Aramaic Language in their prayers, which is the ancient language spoken by our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, the same language spoken by the Prophets Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, also the same language used in the Liturgy of Jacob, the brother Of God.


Products for Purchase: Fine jewelry and gifts
Link to store: https://www.hsjewelry.us/ 

About the Store:

As the insignia manufacturer for the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Stange Company has designed and manufactured jewelry exclusively for the Knights and Dames of the Order for over 25 years. 

The Holy Land Review

Connecting you to the land where Jesus walked.

The Holy Land Review connects you to the land where Jesus walked by sharing stories of the Christians who live and work there, plus stories of faith, culture, the sacred sites, and the Franciscans’ hope to gain peace between peoples.

The Holy Land Review supports the mission of The Holy Land Franciscans and the province of The Custody of the Holy Land. The term “custody” refers to our task of caring for sacred shrines of the Holy Land, a duty we’ve held for 800 years.

To purchase a subscription to this magazine, please visit this website- https://myfranciscan.org/holy-land-review/

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