OLQP Mission

Focusing awareness on critical ministries

Our Lady Queen of Palestine (OLQP)

The purpose of this project to raise awareness of what our sisters and brothers in the Holy Land are experiencing, as well as gather many prayers for them. As noted, we don’t specifically ask for money, but we have found that if people are engaged and inspired by the works of the Mission, they’re generosity in making contributions seems to flow…

Deacon Sir Ryan Adams, KCHS
Dame Wynsdey Adams, DC*HS

OLQP Mission Coordinators

Mission Overview

In 2012, Deacon Ryan was in his 4th year of diaconate formation, and was given a two-part assignment to both engage his parish in his formation process, and to create a project with a social justice theme that would be at service to others in need. At this time, Dn. Ryan and his wife Dame Wynsdey had also recently been invested into the EOHSJ. So they joined together their loves: Diaconal ministry and EOHSJ, At this moment, the OLQP Mission was born.

What started as a one-time homework assignment completed for the Feast day of Our Lady Queen of Palestine has since evolved into a year round Mission. Throughout the course of the year, Dn. Ryan and Dame Wynsdey travel to parishes all over California and other Western USA States. The weekends consist of Dn. Ryan serving at all the parish Masses and preaching and speaking about the works of the OLQP Mission. Dame Wynsdey, often times assisted by other wonderful Dames of the Order, set up and receive parishioners at a table outside the Church with information tri-folds, as well as 0live wood items from Bethlehem, and handmade Rosaries. We also provide information for our now-famous Golf Tournament founded by Sir Jim and Dame Judy Salz, with proceeds benefiting the OLQP Mission.

OLQP is not primarily dedicated to raising money, but rather the awareness of and prayers for our sisters’ and brothers’ situation in the Holy Land are our most important goal. We do accept monetary donations, as we have found that if people are engaged and inspired by the works of the Mission, their generosity seems to coincide.

Past Beneficiaries

2012 – 2013: Provided back packs for students at North & South Zarqa schools.
2013 – 2014: Helped pave parking lot at St. Vincent Ain Karem Special Needs Home.
2014 – 2015: Provided games / equipment for after school program in Zarqa schools.
2015 – 2016: Provided funds to help house refugees at Our Lady Queen of Peace Center.
2016 – 2017: Helped fund construction of a ‘family room’ addition at St. Vincent’s Ain Karem.

2017 – 2018: Assisting in covering annual operating expenses at the Holy Child Program.
2018 – 2019: Provided medical and other needed supplies for Hogar Nino Dios.
2019 – 2020: Assisting the Holy Child Program to help support the children’s needs.
2020 – 2021: Providing support once again for St. Vincent’s Ain Karem Special Needs Home.

2021 – 2022: Continued support for St. Vincent’s Ain Karem.
2022 – 2023: Providing support for Creche, an orphanage for abandoned children in Bethlehem

2023 – 2024: Once again providing needed assistance for the Holy Child Program.

Current Mission Support

OLQP select and features yearly one of our EOHSJ ministries, providing prayer, awareness and support for general or specific needs of that ministry

Holy Child

Holy Chiild By the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist About this Ministry The Franciscan Sisters…

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Annual Golf Outing

Each year OLQP continues our traditional Golf Tournament to foster fellowship and unity of purpose around a day of fresh air, healthy activity, good company and enjoyment. Founded by Sir Jim and Dame Judy Salz, this tournament provides a fantastic opportunity to grow relationships between members, while also creating greater awareness of specify ministries, and raising proceeds dedicated to the featured OLQP Mission.