The Jerusalem diocese’s youth celebrate Christ the King

This year the Christian youth in the diocese of Jerusalem celebrated the feast of Christ the King differently due to the situation in the Holy Land. Hence, each committee decided to hold a specific and brief celebration, which focused on the spiritual aspect of the feast and its relation to the youth’s life, while centering

Article – What Catholics are doing for the Holy Land

On Nov 07, 2023, Angelus News published the following article featuring our Holy Land Councilor, Denise Scalzo and Lieutenant, Margie Romano of Western USA Lieutenancy. Catholics from Southern California are known for stepping up with that kind of support when it’s been most needed. Denise Scalzo is councilor for the Western Lieutenancy of the Equestrian

St. John of Capistrano – A Reflection

Knights and Dames, Under the leadership of Sir Bob Ferrar, our spirituality committee will be sending out monthly articles on spiritual topics related to the Order. The first article, written by Sir John Pack, discusses St. John of Capistrano who is one of the Saints of the EOHSJ. St. John of Capistrano St John Capistrano

Article: Order members pray as violence erupts in the Holy Land

The following article was published to the Intermountain Catholic newspaper dated October 30: At annual meeting, Equestrian Order members pray as violence erupts in the Holy Land Members of the Western USA Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, assembled for their annual meeting in southern California, awakened on Oct. 7

EOHSJ 2023 Annual Meeting Summary

The Diocese of San Bernardino hosted the 2023 Western Lieutenancy annual meeting in Palm Desert California.  With a theme of “God’s Love is All We Need”, Knights, Dames, and Clergy were excited for an informative, and spirit filled weekend. We awoke Saturday to the tragedy of the war in the Holy Land, hearing the news

The invocation for peace on the Via Dolorosa

On Friday 27 October, the moving procession along the 14 stations which mark the route between the Sanctuary of the Flagellation and the Holy Sepulchre took place on a particular day: that chosen by Pope Francis for fasting, prayer and penitence for peace in the Holy Land. “All our sisters and brothers of the various

Reflection – Feast of Our Lady of Palestine

Dear Knights and Dames, Today, October 25th, is the Feast of Our Lady Queen of Palestine. We are delighted to share with you an article from the EOHSJ’s Grand Magisterium website that that explains the history of this feast day and provides a prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary for peace in the Holy Land