Award Recipients

As an Order and as a Lieutenancy we recognize members who instigate special activities above and beyond the expectations of all members.

The Archangel Award

As members of the Order, we are all called to support and accompany our brothers, and sisters in the Holy Land. This entails a number of obligations such as attending annual meetings and retreats, making an annual contribution, and praying for the Holy Land. Many of our members also serve on the council. These efforts and service are very valuable and much appreciated. 

There are, however, a few members who instigate special activities above and beyond our expectations of all members of those who have accepted the duties of an office. These members create something new, make an extraordinary contribution to our work, or move the Lieutenancy forward in a special way. To acknowledge and thank them, a new Lieutenancy recognition was established on 2016, The Archangel Award.


Dame Jo Anne Lazar, DCHS
Sir Joseph Maneen, KCHS
Dame Linda Maneen, DCHS
Rev. Msgr. Theodore Olson, KCHS
Dame Teresa Ornelas, DHS
Dame Carol Page, DCHS
Dame Gabriela Reitzell, DCHS
Dame Kristine Vancleve, DHS

Rev. Sir Gregory Adolf, KCHS
Dame Sue Beidle, DC*HS
Dame Jennifer Crowley, DGCHS
Sir Theodore Crowley II, KGCHS
Sir Jim Drollinger, KCHS
Sir Rich Herbst, KGCHS
Rev. Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis, KCHS
Sir Ray Nolte, KC*HS

Sir Laurin Dodd, KGCHS
Sir Clay Hoffman, KCHS
Dame Anne Hoffman, DCHS
Dame Denise Meraz, DCHS
Sr. Dame Lois Paha, DCHS

Sir Jeffrey Boughrum, KHS
Sir James Burgess, KCHS

Sir Michael Joseph, KGCHS +
Sir Stephen Luchetta, KGCHS
Dame Kristin Luchetta, DGCHS
Sir James Taylor, KHS
Sir Albino Varquez, KGCHS

Sir William Green, KGCHS
Sir Terrance McGaughan, KGCHS
Dame Kathleen McGaughan, DGCHS
Sir James Salz, KC*HS +
Dame Judith Salz, DCHS

Deacon Sir Ryan Adams, KCHS
Dame Wynsdey Adams, DC*HS
Dame Elena Baiale, DGCHS
Sir Carlos Cuellar, KC*HS
Dame Patricia Cuellar, DC*HS
Dame Rosa Cumare, DGCHS
Dame Ann Dickson, DGCHS
Dame Margaret Graf, DGCHS

The Palm Award

The Palm of Jerusalem is an award of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. The Palm of Jerusalem, of gold, silver or bronze, may be conferred by the Cardinal Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre to a person of flawless moral conduct, especially meritorious on behalf of the order or the Holy Land. In special cases, the order can be conferred by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem as Patriarch Grand Prior of the order, to a person with established residence in the Holy Land, and in exceptional cases, to persons in transit there.

The Palm of the order bears on its face the Jerusalem cross of Godfrey of Bouillon on a shield of gold, silver or bronze, surmounted by the motto “Deus lo vult”. The entirety is surrounded by two palms in elliptic form, one with olive branches, the other with branches of laurel, enameled in green. On the side is engraved the inscription: “Palma Equestris Ordinis Sancti Sepulcri Hierosolymitani”.


Most Reverend Gerald R. Barnes, KC*HS
His Excellency, The Most Reverend José Gomez, KC*HS
His Eminence, Roger Cardinal Mahony, KGCHS
Dame Kathleen McGaughan, DGCHS
Sir Terrence McGaughan, KGCHS
H.E. James McGlone, KGCHS
H.E. Patrick Powers, Knight of the Collar
Dame Eleanor Radloff, DGCHS
Sir Charles Radloff, KGCHS

Sir Terrance Barry, KGCHS
Dame Marguerite Boyce, DGCHS
Sir William Close, KGCHS
Dame Susan De Pietro, DGCHS
Sir Dennis De Pietro, KGCHS
Dame Helen DeLuca, DGCHS
Dame Janice Flood, DGCHS
Sir John Kilduff, KGCHS
Reverend Monsignor Kevin Kostelnik, KCHS
Dame Margot Kyd, DGCHS
Sir Thomas Kyd, KGCHS
Dame Rita Liebelt, DGCHS
Dame Nell McGlone, DGCHS
Dame Claire McNamara, DGCHS
Dame Julie Nackard, DGCHS
Sir James Neihart, KGCHS
Dame Christina Ronstadt, DGCHS
Sir James Ronstadt, KGCHS
Dame Elizabeth Wood, DGCHS

Dame Nancy Iredale Ahlgren, DGCHS
Reverend Monsignor Lawrence Baird, PA, KCHS
Dame Catherine Dolan, DGCHS
Dame Mary Grange, DGCHS
Sir Peter Grange, KGCHS
Sir William Green, KGCHS
Dame Sally Green, DGCHS
Sir Conrad Hoffner, KGCHS
Sir John Kruse, KGCHS
Sir David McCluskey, KCHS
Dame Barbara McCluskey, DGCHS
Sir John Mowbray, KGCHS
Sir Allan Norville, KGCHS
Sir Albert Pavlikowski, KGCHS
Dame Margaret Yorba, DGCHS

Sir Paul Angelo, KHS
Dame Rosa Cumare, DGCHS
Sir Jeffrey Heisel, KHS
Dame Colleen Kerr, DGCHS
Dame Mary Lynch, DGCHS
Dame Elvera Richardson, DHS
Sir Charles Riddle III, KGCHS