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Cardinal Filoni Visits Hogar Ninos Dios

While in the Holy Land, our Cardinal Grand Master Cardinal Filoni visited Hogar Ninos Dios. Below are pictures of him with some of the disabled children. Hogar Ninos Dios is one of the special projects supported by our Lieutenancy, and it is a testament to our calling to respect the sacredness of life.

Cardinal Filoni, Grand Master of the EOHSJ, Visits The Holy Land

On Monday, May 9, 2022, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Grand Master of the Order, left Rome on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, accompanied by Lieutenant General, Agostino Borromeo, Governor General, Leonardo Visconti di Modrone, and a delegation.

In Jerusalem, Cardinal Filoni met with the Catholic bishops of the Holy Land, the Apostolic Nuncio, the Orthodox and Armenian Patriarchs, and the Custodian. He conferred the rank of the Knight of The Collar to Patriarch Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem. 

On Tuesday, May 10, Cardinal Filoni made his solemn entrance into the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The event had been postponed several times due to the global health crisis. In his speech at the tomb of Jesus, Cardinal Filoni stated that “a pilgrimage to Jerusalem is always a gift from God. We come here, as St. Francis of Assisi used to say, to see and touch the Lord, to see his footsteps, to hear his words, to touch the place where he was laid.”  To the Christian community of the Holy Land, Cardinal Filoni said: “You, dear brothers and sisters, children of this Mother Church of Jerusalem, have the mission to encourage all to see and visit the site of the Lord’s burial and resurrection. Thank you and to the Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulchre for this service to the faithful brothers and sisters around the world.”  Knights and Dames from different European countries on pilgrimage participated in the celebration.

Cardinal Filoni also visited Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jordan.  In Jordan, he consecrated the new church of Jubeiha, built thanks to the generous support of the Knights and Dames of the Order.




“The Disappearing People:
The Tragic Fate of Christians in the Middle East”

On November 10, 2021, the Western Lieutenancy presented an exceptional program coming live from the Archdiocese of Erbil, Iraq, where Pope Francis made his journey to stand above the destruction wrought by ISIS and celebrate Mass in front of 10,000 Christians.

The speaker was Stephen Rasche, an American lawyer working for many years as counsel to Archbishop Warda who, as Archbishop of Erbil, welcomed Pope Francis on his journey. Bishop Warda himself had been an ISIS captive.

At Archbishop Warda’s request, Stephen authored the book with the finest eyewitness account documenting the genocide committed against Iraqi Christians in the Middle East – many of whom have sought refuge in Jordan and Syria.

Click here to watch the video presentation.

Zarqa Schools in Amman, Jordan, Thank the Western Lieutenancy for 2021 Donation 

On May 8, 2021, we received an email from Abouna Ibrahim Naffa, Parish Administrator at Saint Pius X Church, Al Zarqa South, thanking the Western Lieutenancy for its latest generous donation. The donation is in response to the schools’ request for winter coats, a computer, a printer, and funds for Christmas gifts for the students and staff.

Abouna Ibrahim considers the donation as an answer to their prayers. His email includes photos of the donated items and of the grateful students.

The Zarqa Schools have been a special ministry of the WL since 2003.  Funds are raised as a special project and wired to the Grand Magisterium in Rome, which in turn wires the funds directly to the Zarqa Schools’ bank accounts.


The Grand Magisterium’s 2021-2022 Annual Newsletter 

This issue of Jerusalem Cross 2021-2022 sets out to cover a whole year through interviews, stories of the projects supported by the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and accounts of the activities carried out by the high offices of our Pontifical Institution.
Be sure to see:
  • Article: “A Synod to Continue Writing the Acts of the Apostles”
  • Report: Annual Meetings of the Grand Magisterium
  • Solidarity Projects in the Holy Land
Click here to read Jerusalem Cross 2021-2022 Annual with PDFviewer.

Click here to see or download the PDF file of Jerusalem Cross 2021-2022 Annual.


New Website Created for EOHSJ Members in North America

Dear Knights and Dames,

I am pleased to announce that a website has been created for the 15,000 Members of North America. The address is:

Creation of this website has been in the works for several months under the leadership of Sir Tim Milner KCHS of Minneapolis.  Tim was assisted by a web development company, to ensure that our website has all the appropriate security safeguards. The website is hosted on a secure, third party network.

Over the course of the last several months, there have been wonderful suggestions from many Lieutenants and others regarding the type of content that should be included.  While many people have offered their support, I would like to acknowledge H. E. Max Brown KGCHS, the North Central Lieutenant.

Max was instrumental in influencing the final layout and design.  I also want to extend appreciation, on behalf of everyone, to the Communications Office of the Order for their assistance.  Over the last several years, the Order has made communication with Members a top priority.  The Communications Office will continue to provide current information about the Order to the North America website.

The North America website was created to focus on three key areas:

  • To consolidate many sources of information about the Order and its works into a single location to make it easy for our Members to find it.
  • To help all Members in personal spiritual development by offering and sharing resources, including presentations, prayers, and videos.
  • To evangelize the good works of the Order to all Catholics, especially to those potentially interested in joining us.

The key focus areas make North America website a supplement, and not replacement, to the websites maintained by several Lieutenancies.  These Lieutenancy websites serve a vital function for their respective Lieutenancies and will continue.  The North America website has capabilities to help any Lieutenancy who needs technical assistance in creating or maintaining a website for their local needs.

I want to draw your attention to several features.  Among other attributes, the website includes the “Grand Master’s Corner” for communications from our new Grand Master, His Eminence Fernando Cardinal Filoni, various spiritual formation presentations, and videos.  There are active links to the websites of the Order, the Vatican, the Latin Patriarchate, and others.

My desire is for the North America website to be frequently updated.  We will always be looking for fresh content for this website.  Members who have content or ideas to share should first present them through your Lieutenant.  Be mindful that any content submitted should be of interest to the majority of our North America Members.

I hope you check the website often and that it will prove to be beneficial, a source of information about the Mission and works of the Order, and a way to be connected to all the Members of North America and to the world-wide Church.

Thank you and Easter Blessings.

P. Thomas Pogge, KGCHS
Vice Governor General, North America
Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

Western Lieutenancy – The Way Magazine Electronic Version 

Click here to download The Way Magazine Version 2022


Antonian Charitable Society of Bethlehem (ACS) Completes Purchase of Medical Equipment and Supplies Financed by the Western Lieutenancy’s $30,000 Grant

On September 11, 2020, Vincencio Bellomo, ACS’ local manager emailed H.E Margie Romano, DGCHS, Lieutenant of EOHSJ Western Lieutenancy (WL), that they received another delivery of medical equipment and supplies for their facility in Bethlehem. This completed the medical purchase program financed by the WL’s $30,000 grant awarded in March 2020.

ACS is a home for the elderly established in 1942 to serve the helpless widows and older women lacking family care – all in the absence of governmental social programs to fulfill their needs.

Mr. Bellomo’s email also expressed gratitude to the Knights and Dames of the WL for their friendship and generous support. They consider the award to  be timely and providential. In March 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic adversely affected 80% of Bethlehem’s local economy. Unemployment increased sharply. ACS was struggling to raise funds for medical equipment and supplies for use by the elderly residents, nuns, social health workers, staff  and volunteers.

The WL’s $30,000 grant enabled ACS to purchase medical electrical beds, big oxygen cylinders, electrical oxygen concentrator machines, surgical masks and special KN95 masks.


Antonian Charitable Society (ACS) in Bethlehem
Thanks the Western Lieutenancy for Grant

In March 2020, the Western Lieutenancy awarded a $30,000 grant to ACS for medical beds, air mattresses, oxygen masks and wheelchairs.  On July 11th, ACS received a partial shipment of 16 electrical medical beds for the elderly residents.  Other medical equipment will be purchased soon.

Last week, we received the following Thank You letter from Vincencio Bellomo, ACS’ Administrator in Bethlehem, for the grant we provided.

August 14, 2020
H.E.Margaret Romano, DGCHS
EOHSJ Western Lieutenancy

Subject: THANK YOU for the Grant for Antonian Charitable Society

I am writing to thank you for the project to support the elderly and the poor living at Antonian Charitable Society. Thanks to the solidarity of the EOHSJ Western Lieutenancy.

We purchased new medical beds and mattress for the elderly. They are very thankful and happy. We are now waiting to purchase other medical equipment such as oxygen machines. Due to the emergency it isn’t easy to buy them.

The Antonian Charitable Society has always been a place of welcome for the poorest elderly in Bethlehem. Taking care of the living stones of this land is expressed for us of Pro Terra Sancta in the closeness and in wanting to walk together trying to be attentive in our small community to the real needs of the people who daily live the Holy Land. The elderly during this world pandemic are the people most exposed to COVID 19 and having had your support meant a lot to them and to all the workers, employees, and sisters of the Antonian Charitable Society. This letter also wants to bring their thanks for purchasing the materials needed to improve the well-being of their lives in the facility. The Antonian Charitable Society in recent months has needed help having no more pilgrims and tourists in the nearby St. Antony Hotel. The reception allowed to bear some of the expenses of the House and to pay the employees of the Structure.

COVID 19 is still causing serious problems for the local economy with more and more people out of work. Since the first cases in March 2020, the virus has seen exponentially high numbers both in Israel and in Palestine with a great concern for health throughout the territory.

As there is no pension and social security system, the elderly are often abandoned and dependent on work and family care. In this context, aggravated by COVID 19, families do not have the resources to stay close to their elderly parents.

Thank you again,

Vincenzo Bellomo



The Grand Magisterium’s newsletter for December 2022 is now available.

Be sure to see:
  • Mandate of vice Governor General for North America, Tom Pogge, renewed
  • A report from the Latin Patriarchate CEO
  • Recently concluded projects supported by the Order of the Holy Sepulchre in the Holy Land
  • A look at the current situation of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre in the United States

Click here to read Jerusalem Cross #67 with PDFviewer.

Click here to see or download the PDF file of Jerusalem Cross #67.

“If you have ever wondered if our Order makes a difference, I can assure you that it does”

Reflections by Father John Bateman, priest-secretary to the Grand Master.




The members of the Western Lieutenancy have been chosen to receive the prestigious Caritas Dei Award from Relevant Radio. Below is an excerpt from Relevant Radio’s letter to H.E. Sir Michael Feeley.

Your Excellency,

      On Thursday, May 30, 2019, Relevant Radio is honored to present the 31st National    Christ Brings Hope Award to H.E. Most Rev. Jose Gomez for his dedication to the faith and to the people of Los Angeles. This will be the first Los Angeles award presentation, and we are hoping to make the evening a wonderful opportunity to bring Los Angeles area Catholics together to highlight the good work of Archbishop Gomez. 

       In addition, that evening Relevant Radio would like to invite the Western USA Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ) to accept the Caritas Dei Award. One of the primary missions of Relevant Radio is utilizing our powerful media platforms to promote the good works and missions of Catholic organizations and individuals around the world. The Caritas Dei award is presented to those individuals and organizations who exemplify God’s perfect charity. The EOHSJ’s St. Vincent’s Ain Karem and Hogar Niño Dios projects in the Holy Land are fine examples of the important and life sustaining work being done by the Order. 

      Archbishop Gomez’s role as Grand Prior of the Western Lieutenancy makes the evening even more appropriate and special. It is also a wonderful coincidence that the Chairman of our Board of Directors, Sir Tom Vorpahl and his wife Dame Ann Vorpahl, as well as Board members H.E. Most Rev. David Ricken, KC*HS., Sir Timothy and Dame Pat VonDohlen (TX), Sir Robert and Dame Sally Atwell (WI), and Sir Robert and Dame Kathleen Riordan (WI) are also active members of the EOHSJ. We are honored that Los Angeles Area Councillors, Sir Dennis and Dame Susan De Pietro, have agreed to serve on the Christ Brings Hope Dinner committee. It is shaping up to be a terrific event! 

The Relevant Radio Christ Brings Hope Award Dinner will be held Thursday May 30 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Rev. Sir Dave Heney KCHS will be a special guest. For more information please visit

On March 27th, Father Sir David Heney, Deacon Sir Ryan Adams and Dame Margaret Romano recorded a radio interview by Deacon Steve Greco at the Tower of Hope at the Christ Cathedral.

The interview showcased and highlighted the works of the Equestrian Order, especially its involvement in various projects in the Holy Land.

Dcn Steve Greco, Fr. David Heney, Margie Romano, Dcn Ryan Adams


Margie Romano, Dcn Ryan Adams, and Fr. David Heney being interviewed by Dcn Steve Greco

The interview will be broadcast on 44 radio stations throughout the West Coast on April 28th from noon to one in the afternoon. To listen in, you will need to tune in to one of Relevant Radio’s stations. You can find a radio station in your area at

However members who cannot wait until the airing date, can see the interview on Steve Greco’s Facebook page here.


los_angelesLos Angeles Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Sir James and Dame Elizabeth Burgess



Los Angeles Area Mid-Year meeting, March 5, 2022


On Saturday, March 5, 2022, more than 100 members, nominees, and guests of the Los Angeles Area attended our Mid-Year Meeting. The morning began with a Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels celebrated by our Grand Prior, H.E. Archbishop Jose Gomez.

It was so wonderful to meet again in person without masks, to be together at Mass, and to enjoy the delicious meal together and a most informative meeting. Our thanks to all who attended. A warm welcome was extended to our Nominees and congratulations to those who have been invited to be promoted.

Our thanks also to Rt. Rev. Sir Alexei Smith, our guest speaker, who spoke about “St. Ephrem the Syrian as Teacher of Repentance“.

Click here for a copy of Fr. Smith’s presentation.

Click here for a St. Ephrem the Syrian prayer card.

Fr. Smith provides a link to a recording of a Christian Maronite choir chanting this prayer in Arabic. Click here to listen.



Upcoming Events:

First Monday Rosary

Please join our fellow Knights and Dames at 7:00 pm on the First Monday of every month to pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. The following is the link to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Spiritual Rosary of the Glorious Mysteries:

You can also follow are links below to each Mystery devotional available at EWTN:

Please pray for the intentions of the Holy Father, for Justice and Peace in the Holy Land and for  the fight against the forces of evil.

To join a local gathering praying the Rosary please contact the following members who coordinate First Monday Rosary gatherings in their areas:
Dame Louise Garcia ( San Pedro and South Bay areas
Sir Dan and Dame Rose Grimm (805-551-6746 or Santa Barbara, Ventura areas
Sir Tom Blumenthal ( West Side area
Sir Peter and Dame Sharyn Godfrey ( Northeast and San Gabriel Valley areas

We are grateful to Sir Larry and Dame Jo Anne Lazar who will now coordinate the First Monday Rosary gatherings in the San Fernando Valley.  Their email address is


Recent Events:

Votive Mass in Honor of Our Lady of the Angels

Saturday, August 28, 2021

More than twenty members of the Order participated in this special celebration of the Mass by H.E. Archbishop José H. Gomez honoring our Blessed Mother as the Patroness of the City and Archdiocese of Los Angeles at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The Entrance Procession included representatives from many countries in spectacular native attire that also included members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Knights and Dames of Malta, and the Knights of Columbus! The theme, Many Peoples, One Mother was evident throughout the Mass and Rosary by recitations and hymns in many languages representative of the diverse cultures found in Los Angeles. 

Mass was followed by a beautiful Procession in the Cathedral Plaza while reciting the Rosary.  Especially now, more than ever, we need Our Lady to protect and guide our beautiful city and its diverse community for which we are most grateful.

We thank H.E. Archbishop José H. Gomez, as Celebrant, Fr. Ray Medina and Fr. Brian NunezSir Don Keegan for his work in advocating for the Order’s participation in this event, to our banner carrier; Sir Elpidio Andrion; and Sir Arturo Ibarra for leading a decade of the Rosary in the Cathedral Plaza. We are honored to have six of our members on the Queen of Angels Foundation Board who are the Founders of this event: Sir Arturo and Dame Letty Ibarra, Dame Nancy Ahlgren, Sir Don Keegan, Sir Kevin Hand, and Sir Bob Barbarowicz.

Submitted by Dame Susan De Pietro, Los Angeles Area Co-Councillor 

2020 OneLife Walk for Life

On Saturday January 18th, our Grand Prior, H.E. Sir Jose Gomez KC*HS, led 35,000 enthusiastic faithful in the 2020 OneLife LA Walk for Life. The walk started from La Placita Church to a huge gathering held at the LA State Historic Park.

Joining our Archbishop Gomez were members of the Equestrian Order and Regional Bishops including the Very Rev. Sir Marc Trudeau, KC*HS, the Very Rev. Sir Robert Barron, KC*HS, and the Very Rev. Sir Joseph Brennan,KC*HS, Bishop of Fresno. Members of the Order were represented in the walk which was coordinated by the Knights of Columbus, led by Sir Richard Marciniak, KHS, and assisted by Sir Don Keegan, KGCHS.

Throughout the march and just behind the Archbishop and Bishops, the flag of the Order was proudly carried, flanked by the flag of the Order of Malta.

Deus lo vult.

Submitted by Sir Dennis and Dame Susan De Pietro, Los Angeles Area Co-Councillors 



Orange Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Orange
Dame Kristin and Sir Stephen Luchetta




EOHSJ 2023 Orange Area February Spirituality Newsletter

Presentation of the Lord; Lenten Prayer; the Shroud of Turin

Click here to download the latest newsletter.



EOHSJ 2023 Orange Area January Spirituality Newsletter

January Solemnities; the Baptism of the Lord; the “Final Four”

Click here to download the latest newsletter.




EOHSJ 2022 Orange Area December Spirituality Newsletter

Click here to download the latest newsletter.


EOHSJ 2022 Orange Area October/November Spirituality Newsletter

Click here to download the latest newsletter.


Orange Area Holds 2022 Summer Investee Dinner

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, 28 members of the Orange Area gathered for dinner at the home of Sir Laurin and Dame Sophia Dodd to celebrate and welcome our new Investees who will become members of the Order in September in Los Angeles. The dinner is designed to allow our new Investees an informal setting to meet our Bishop, Lieutenant, Leadership Team, and Sponsors in advance of the Annual Meeting. We were honored to welcome very special guests His Excellency Bishop Timothy Freyer, H.E. Margie Romano, DGCHS, and Sir Patrick Powers, Knight of the Collar.


The Orange Area Co-Councillors lead off the program with a warm welcome to the Investees and general comments regarding the upcoming Annual Meeting, followed by comments from our Lieutenant H.E. Margie Romano and updates from our three main ministries: 1) Justice and Peace (Laurin and Sophia Rose Dodd), 2) Spirituality (Terry and Kathy McGaughan) and 3) Membership (Vince and Barbara Salico). Bishop Timothy Freyer then led us in Grace before dinner and ended the evening with closing comments and a heartfelt blessing.

All members of the Orange Area are encouraged to reach out to the new Investees at our upcoming Annual Meeting and make them feel welcome.

Submitted by Stephen and Kristin Luchetta, Co-Councillors of the Orange Area


Orange Area Holds 2022 Half Day of Recollection

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, over 95 members from of the Orange Area and the Order of Malta attended our 24th Annual Half Day of Recollection at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Irvine, CA. The morning began with coffee, donuts, and fellowship between the two Papal Orders. This event was founded, organized, and championed by +Reverend Sir John E. Janze, KCHS. His passion and dedication for this event was the key factor to its success. He was loved by so many members of both Orders and will be dearly missed.

After our morning fellowship, members assembled in the Parish Hall for two keynote speakers. The opening speaker was Reverend Sir Fr. John Monestero, KCHS. His topic was “Women of the Crusades Who Lead.” He presented a fascinating story of powerful Catholic Women who played very important leadership roles during the Crusades.

Our second speaker was Fr. Francois Beyrouti, Pastor of Holy Cross Melkite Catholic Church in Placentia, CA. Fr. François will be invested into the Order this year in Los Angles. His presentation focused on “How to P.R.A.Y. the Bible.” Fr. François’ presentation focused on individual spirituality and the importance of reading the Bible daily and that the Bible is Basic (B) Instructions (I) Before (B) Leaving (L) Earth (E)! He also provided an outline, explained the meaning, and provided scripture references for: Pray (P), Read (R), Analyze (A) and Yes (Y).

After our two outstanding speakers, Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen celebrated Mass and delivered an exceptional homily focusing on listening and spirituality. Sir Patrick Powers, Knight of the Collar, led everyone in the reciting the prayer of the Western Lieutenancy and the Daily Prayer of the Order of Malta. Mass ended around 12:00 PM with members heading to local restaurants for lunch. All are looking forward to planning our 25th Half Day of Recollection in 2023.

Submitted by Stephen and Kristin Luchetta, Co-Councillors of the Orange Area




Orange Area Holds 2022 Mid-Year Meeting

On Saturday, April 2, 2022, approximately 80 members of the Orange Area attended our Mid-Year Meeting. The morning began with morning Terce prayers in the beautiful newly constructed Main Church at St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado Canyon, CA. Terce Prayers were led by the Norbertine Priests and Seminarians. Immediately following the Terce prayers, Knights, Dames, Knight Chaplins and Guests adjourned to the conference center for our Midyear Meeting.

Our Meeting was kicked off by our Lieutenant, H.E. Dame Margie Romano, who began her talk with the theme of “Gratitude” and updated us on the operations of the Western Lieutenancy. Member speakers Sir Laurin Dodd, Sir Nick Wittner, and Sir Bill Green brought us up to date on the Holy Land Economic Development Fund, the Justice and Peace Committee, and the Legacy Program.

Meeting with H.E. Margie Romano


Knights and Dames processing into Mass

Our keynote speaker was Dame Denise Marie Scalzo who enlightened members on her recent 100th trip to the Holy Land and encouraged all members to make a Pilgrimage.

After our meeting, Members adjourned to the Main Abbey Church for Mass celebrated by Reverend Hugh Barbour, Knight Chaplin. Reverend Hugh Barbour’s homily focused on St. Francis of Paola and his spirituality. St. Francis was born in Paola, Italy and was educated at the Franciscan friary of San Marco. At the age of fifteen he became a hermit near Paola. He built a monastery where he led his eremitical life and a Rule for his followers emphasizing penance, charity, and humility. To the three monastic vows, he added fasting and abstinence from meat.

Rev. Sir Hugh Barbour describing chapel mosaics


Noontime Prayers (Sext) with the Norbertine priests

After Mass, members were able to participate in Sext prayers in the Main Church. After prayers we processed out of the church and adjourned to gather in the Conference Center for a catered lunch and fellowship. The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Submitted by Stephen and Kristin Luchetta
Co-Councillors of the Orange Area


EOHSJ Orange Area Spirituality Newsletter

Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ

Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ

Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist

Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist

Click here to download the June Newsletter


Phoenix Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Phoenix
Dame Gloria Santos
Sir Tom Castellanos


Phoenix Area 2022 Mid-Year Meeting

On May 17, 2022, 55 members of the Phoenix area gathered for our Mid-Year Meeting at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix Pastoral Center.  We were honored to welcome our special guests, Lieutenant H.E. Dame Margaret Romano, DGCHS, her husband, Sir Thomas Romano, KGCHS, Most Rev. Sir Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead, and Rev. Msgr. Peter Dai Bui, Pastor, Holy Spirit Parish.

The evening opened with Mass celebrated by Bishop Olmsted. He spoke about how Jesus taught us to love the Father and encouraged us to freely submit with obedience to the Word of God.  The fruits of our obedience will bring us courage, integrity, and clarity of our identity and mission.

Bishop Olmsted blessing the attendees



Among the attendees – Sir Ted Crowley and Dame Mary Jean Bublitz

Members then enjoyed a buffet dinner along with fellowship and conversation, followed by learning how our members, in the greater Western Lieutenancy and locally, are assisting Christians in the Holy Land and growing spiritually.

Dame Margaret Romano commended the teamwork that has taken place throughout the Western Lieutenancy. She highlighted:

  • The Speaker Series, offered on Zoom, enabling our members from five states to come together in reflection and learning.
  • Focus on updating our publications and media with “THE WAY” magazine debut and building a social media presence.
  • Formation of the Squires Program for younger adults ages 20-34. This mentoring pilot program is being developed in partnership with John Paul University in San Diego.
  • Pilgrimage activities.
  • Expansion of partnership with Caritas Jerusalem through the Holy Land Economic Development Fund, supporting two new programs: Micro Home-Loans and Micro-Business Grants.
  • Future Annual Meetings in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Salt Lake, and Hawaii.

She also thanked the dedication, time, and hard work of our Phoenix leaders, Dame Gloria Santos and Sir Tom Castellanos.   

H.E. Dame Margaret Romano thanking and commending the Phoenix  Area leaders and members

Sir Tom Castellanos expressed appreciation to Dame Gloria Santos, Dame Andria Metcalf, Dame Nancy Knight, Dame Irene Morton, and Dame Joan Sullivan for their excellent execution of planning and preparing the Mid-year meeting.  Sir Tom also thanked all our members for their effort in our Phoenix area. Members provided updates: Dame Teresa Ornelas—Adopt A Seminarian, Dame Kim Ruggiero—Justice, and Peace, and Sir Tom updated for Dame Toni Logan—First Monday Rosaries for the remainder of the year. Sir Tom communicated our commitment as Members of the Order to go on pilgrimage that magnifies the “why” of our work in the Order. Dame Joan and Sir Deacon Dennis Sullivan and Dame Terri Calderón, shared information on pilgrimages they will be helping lead in November 2022. Both are looking for more pilgrims.  

Bishop Olmstead closed the meeting with a message of gratitude for our work as pilgrims and what a blessing it is to be one.  Always praying for peace!

Submitted by
Sir Tom Castellanos, KHS,
EOHSJ Area Co-Councillor for the Diocese of Phoenix



Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Phoenix Area Lenten Reflection

Joining together in reflection and prayer, 36 members in person and 10 via Zoom convened the afternoon of March 15, 2022, at the Mount Claret Retreat Center. Mount Claret’s location at the base of Camelback Mountain provided a perfect place to step away from daily distractions and to spend time with The Lord.

The afternoon began with guest speaker, Fr. Anthony Tinker, Director of Native Ministry and Community Servant at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Laveen, AZ. Fr. Tinker ‘s presentation highlighting the life of St. Francis of Assisi was profound. Fr. Tinker gave us much to reflect on as he shared how St. Francis’ purpose, character, and devotion to God are a model for us today. How do we respond in our quest of growing closer to God? How do we respond to life’s challenges where nothing is sacred and yet everything is sacred (idolized) in a world where there is never enough time? Fr. Tinker gave shared insight into St. Francis of Assisi’s response of poverty, prayer, witnessing Jesus, and fraternity that has the power to change hearts.

Gloria and Tom Castellanos with Fr. Anthony Tinker

Bishop Thomas Olmsted

Dinner After Our Lenten Retreat

Following the presentation, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, KC*HS, celebrated a special Mass. After Mass, we were honored to gather together with Bishop Olmsted, our members, and guests for dinner. Bishop Olmsted emphasized that as members of EOHSJ, we have a unique mission and through our work practice “the heart of our faith.”

We are grateful to Bishop Olmsted and Fr. Tinker for sharing their wisdom and time with us. We are grateful too, for all who contributed to making our Lenten Retreat a success, particularly Gloria Santos, who provided her amazing homemade flan dessert for all to enjoy!

Dame Terri Calderon on behalf of
Dame Gloria Santos and Sir Thomas Castellanos


Beit Jala Seminary Thanks the Phoenix Area’s Adopt-A-Seminarian Program

On April 3, 2020, Dame Teresa Ornelas, Phoenix Area Adopt-A-Seminarian program (AASP) coordinator, received an email from Fr. Yaoub Rafidi, Rector of Beit Jala Seminary, thanking the contributing members of the Phoenix Area AASP for donating 10 laptop computers. Fr. Rafidi’s earlier email to H.E. Dame Margaret Romano, DGCHS, Lieutenant of the Western Lieutenancy, stated that the timing of the arrival of the laptop computers was perfect since the COVID-19 virus caused the closure of the minor seminary in Beit Jala and the relocation of 10 major seminarians to the Knights Palace in Jerusalem. The arrival of the laptops enabled the displaced seminarians to continue their academic studies of Philosophy and Theology via internet lectures. These laptops can also help in broadcasting holy Masses during the “shelter in place order” throughout Israel.

Major seminarians under the direction of Fr. Yaoub Rafidi, Rector, unveil their new laptops

The Phoenix Area AASP began in 2014 in direct response to the mission and challenge of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem’s mission statement: “to sustain and aid the charitable, cultural, and social works and institutions of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land”. This project incorporates the Order’s mission into a tangible plan through the active support of the Knights and Dames to develop new priests to serve the Christians in the Holy Land, thereby strengthening the Church’s presence and propagation of the faith in the area that needs it most.

The spiritual and financial support of the six founding members of the Phoenix Area AASP culminated in 2018 with a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to attend and join in the celebration of the priestly ordination of its first seminarian, Khaled Gammoh. The first program’s success led to the invitation of additional Knights and Dames from the Phoenix Area to join in the next phase of the program.
Today, there are 25 members of the Order in the Phoenix Area committed to seminarian Rames Mario Twal, who will be ordained, God willing, in 2021 or 2022. This increase in spiritual and financial participation led to the program being able to respond to the request for procurement of computers to advance the studies of the seminarians. This program would not be possible without the coordination and leadership of Dame Teresa Ornelas and the additional support of Sir Thomas Castellanos, KHS, Area Co-Councillor for the Diocese of Phoenix.

Submitted by Sir Thomas Castellanos, KHS, Area Co-Councillor for the Diocese of Phoenix


Diocese of Phoenix Celebrates Its Golden Jubilee

On December 2, 2019, the Diocese of Phoenix celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a Mass of Thanksgiving.

Thousands attended the Mass at the Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix. The theme for this 50th anniversary was “Remember the Fidelity of Jesus”. The celebration’s emphasis was on the family, the domestic Church.

Thirty two Phoenix diocese knights and dames of The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem processed onto the theatre stage with Bishop Thomas Olmsted, KC*HS, our Grand Prior Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, Bishop Eduardo Nevares, and several visiting bishops, diocesan priests and deacons.

Bishop Olmsted and Archbishop Gomez were the principal celebrants of the Mass. Eight seminarians from Phoenix’ new diocesan seminary served as acolytes for this impressive Mass.

Bishop Olmsted and Archbishop Gomez concelebrating the Mass

Archbishop Gomez delivered an inspiring homily. He encouraged everyone present to realize the legacy of faith from our Spanish-born missionary priests who spread the gospel to Arizona and California via Mexico. He also encouraged everyone to offer gifts to the national church and to invite others to the catholic faith, not from programs but from heart-felt encounters with our Lord Jesus Christ.

When established in 1969, the Phoenix diocese was home to 200,000 Catholics. Today, 50 years later, it has grown 500% and serves 1.1 million catholic faithful with a diversity of cultures.

A highlight for the Diocese of Phoenix occurred on September 14, 1987 with a visit by the Pope St. John Paul II. Another memorable event was the 1989 visit of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

In 2017, the Diocese of Phoenix launched an aggressive and very successful 100 million dollar campaign for “Evangelization and Discipleship”. Bishop Olmsted stated we need to be missionaries because our diocese is growing rapidly and what was begun by St. Junipero Serra and Padre Kino must be continued into the future.

Submitted by Sir Tom Castellanos, KHS, Area Co-Councillor for the Diocese of Phoenix



tusconTucson Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Tucson
Dame Karen and Sir William McEwen


Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ 2023 Mid-Year Meeting

Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem for the Diocese of Tucson held their annual Mid-Year meeting on 14 February 2023. The meeting was held at the beautiful Diocese of Tucson Bishop Kicanas Pastoral Center in downtown Tucson. Knights and Dames from Tucson, Sierra Vista, Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Oro Valley, and Oracle gathered for an update on the Diocese of Tucson and Western Lieutenancy activities.

The meeting began with Mass celebrated by the Most Reverend Edward J. Weisenburger. Mass was held in Our Lady’s Chapel at Cathedral Square. In his homily Bishop Weisenburger, highlighted the saints of the day: St. Cyril & St. Methodius. These two brothers of the 9th century were educated and worked both in education and civil leadership, eventually leaving their worldly professions behind to be missionaries throughout the often-neglected Slavic territories. Revered by both Catholic and Orthodox churches, these two saints show us that God wants to use our gifts and talents to reach the world in ways we could never dream of. These two saints were incredible evangelists of the Catholic faith. Bishop Weisenburger reflected on the first reading of Noah’s Ark. While God created chaos with water via a flood, he then uses water to create life. He concluded by reminding all in attendance that now is the time for everyone to be flooded by the water of our faith.

Meeting setup team has the room looking splendid

A reception and dinner were hosted by Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Tucson Dame Karen and Sir William McEwen. Most Reverend Gerald Kicanas, Bishop Emeritus of Tucson offered a dinner prayer, reminding us of all that we are thankful. Sir Reverend Greg Adolph offered a prayer to open the business meeting. He asked for God’s guidance in all the Order does and for continued support to Christians in the Holy Land. Dame Karen McEwen introduced and thanked past Area Councillors attending the meeting. Sir Jim and Dame Chris Ronstadt and Sir Ernie and Kathy Nedder (in spirit as she was unable to attend) were thanked with a great round of applause. All Knights and Dames are encouraged to travel to the Holy Land for Pilgrimage. Dame Ginny Clements and Sir Reverend Mike Bucciarelli gave an update for two Diocese of Tucson Pilgrimages taking place in 2023 and 2024. Dame Doctor Ana Sanguineti provided an update on the Legacy Society. She reviewed the many ways that estate planning can support the EOHSJ. She also thanked the many Knights and Dames who are currently Legacy members from the Diocese of Tucson.

Dame Ann Dickson discussed an opportunity to provide nursing scholarships for students attending Bethlehem University. The Bishop Kicanas Endowment Fund currently fully funds two scholarships. Ann encouraged the attendees to help fund additional scholarships. Sir Viktor Rzeteljski, Chancellor, provided an update on Western Lieutenancy activities. He reviewed a financial statement of how annual contributions and honoraria support the Holy Land. He updated several 2023 projects that have been approved by the Grand Magisterium. He mentioned that there are many unfunded projects that are badly needed in the Holy Land. Once these projects have been vetted, members will be notified and asked to consider leading an effort to solicit funds for these Holy Land improvement opportunities.
The meeting concluded with prayer by Sir Monsignor Domenico Pinti. Many thanks were offered to Sir William and Dame Karen McEwen for their continued Leadership of the Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ.

Reported by David Ball

28 February 2023


The EOHSJ Western Lieutenancy, Diocese of Tucson, Sierra Vista group and Sponsored Seminarian Rami Al-Nasraween Meet in Beit Sahour.

While on a Holy Land pilgrimage, sponsors for our Beit Jala Seminarian, Rami Al-Nasraween, met with Rami and his Rector, Father Bernard Poggi, after Mass on Sunday, November 13. 2022, at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Beit Sahour at the Casa Nova Restaurant in Bethlehem. Rami entered the Seminary this Fall and God willing will be ordained in 8 years. Sponsors seen in the photograph are Father Sir Greg Adolf, Dame Ann Dickson, Dame Maryann Hockstad, and Sir Charles Irwin with Father Poggi and Rami. An additional sponsor, Dame Karen Harper, was not on the Pilgrimage

Submitted by Dame Ann Dickson


Tucson Area Celebrates The 2022 Feast of Our Lady, Queen of Palestine

The feast day for Our Lady, Queen of Palestine, Patroness of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (Order), is one of four special days celebrated by Dames and Knights of the Order. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary should be a special characteristic of every member of the Order. The faith of Mary, Mother of Jesus, has illuminated the path that each member of the Order takes. Mary, the model of faith, is the woman who was docile to the voice of the Spirit, a woman of silence and hope. As the highly favored daughter of the Father, she is the perfect model of love towards both God and neighbor.

In 1927, His Beatitude, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Luigi Barlassina, instituted the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Palestine. In 1993, Saint Pope John Paul II, by decree, designated Our Lady of Palestine to be the Patron Saint of the Order. As members of the Order, this feast day holds a special place in our hearts.

On October 30, 2022, the Knights and Dames of the Diocese of Tucson gathered at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Sierra Vista to honor Our Lady Queen of Palestine on her feast day.


The Celebrant was the Most Reverend Edward Wiesenberger, KC*HS. In his homily, he spoke of the history of the Order and the devotion to Mary Queen of Palestine. He thanked the Knights and Dames for their continued support of the church in the Holy Land.

The Mass ended with a blessing by Bishop Wiesenberger for all members of the Order who are traveling to the Holy Land on pilgrimage.

“Our Lady, Queen of Palestine, pray for us and
all the peoples of the lands made sacred by your Son’s life, death, and resurrection. Amen.”

Submitted by Sir David Ball, KCHS



EOHSJ Tucson joins the Diocese of Tucson Celebrating the 2022 Red Mass

The Knights and Dames of the Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ were honored to participate at the invitation of the Most Reverend Sir Edward J. Weisenburger, KC*HS, Bishop of Tucson, in the annual diocesan Red Mass on October 12, 2022. The entrance procession was spectacular with members of the Order of Malta, many EOHSJ Knights and Dames from across the Tucson Diocese, the 4th Degree Honor Guard of the Knights of Columbus, numerous priests, two deacons, and the Most Reverend Sir Edward J. Weisenburger.

Rich in tradition, the Red Mass was first celebrated in the Cathedral of Paris in France in 1248. Soon afterwards, Red Masses were celebrated in England to mark the opening of Parliament. In 1828 the first Red Mass in the United States was celebrated in the Old St. Andrews Church in New York City. The traditional name “The Red Mass” comes from the color of vestments worn by priests. Red, the liturgical color for the Holy Spirit, is a reminder of the fire symbolic of God’s Holy Spirit. Attending judges in past centuries also wore robes of bright scarlet, providing another connection of the Mass to those who serve people in the names of justice and governance.

The original purpose of the Red Mass was to recognize lawyers and judges who honored Christ our Lord and exemplified justice, love, and peace in their service to others. The Red Mass today is a celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit, invoking divine guidance and blessings of the Holy Spirit upon members of the federal, state, and local judicial and law enforcement communities.

Bishop Weisenburger emphasized that the worlds of law, politics, and law enforcement play a noble and vital role in building up the Kingdom of God especially in times of crises. He spoke of hope and urged men and women of faith to allow God to work through them. He referenced the Great Prophet Isaiah, who seven centuries before Christ, foretold the coming of the Messiah. Isaiah counseled the Jewish people to continue their faith, even though most of them had been captured by the Assyrians and later by the Babylonians. Bishop Weisenburger called upon those in the fields of politics, law, and law enforcement to be like prophets with eyes of Faith. He encouraged everyone to trust in God’s promises so that they can give hope to the broken, the disenfranchised, and the victimized individuals in our troubled times today. Working together, he stated, we can build the Kingdom of God.

At the Mass, the St. Thomas More Society of Southern Arizona presented the St. Thomas More Award posthumously to Christopher L. Straub, Esq., for exemplifying integrity, courage and prayerfulness and seeking justice and truth in his professional endeavors. Maureen Roll , widow of the Honorable John Roll, and her family presented scholarship awards to two University of Arizona law students, Jasmin Meza and Eilen Castellano Tatis, to honor the legacy of the Chief Judge of the United States District Court.

A reception sponsored by the St. Thomas More Society followed the Mass and provided everyone the opportunity to enjoy good food and inspiring conversation with clergy, past and present Honorees and award recipients, and various other guests.

Submitted by Sir David Orr



EOHSJ 2022 Western Lieutenancy Annual Meeting
A Diocese of Tucson Perspective


With this theme, the Western USA Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ) hosted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California, gathered for the 2022 annual meeting in Pasadena, California. The annual meeting is an opportunity for Knights and Dames to gather to dedicate their hearts to the EOHSJ’s Mission, to worship, to join with friends, to listen, and learn. The historic Langham Huntington Hotel served as the location for meetings, presentations, meals, and dinner dances. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels in downtown Los Angeles with its glorious new tapestry of Our Lady as a backdrop to the Altar was the site of the Promotions and Memorial Mass and the Investiture Mass.
A Travelers’ Mass celebrated with His Eminence Roger Cardinal Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles, Grand Prior Emeritus USA Western Lieutenancy, was the beginning of a spirit-filled weekend. Cardinal Mahony linked the first reading, Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 “There is an appointed time for everything”, to the personal spiritual growth of the attendees. He also reminded the members of the EOHSJ mission of supporting the Holy Land and living the Catholic Faith daily. After Mass an all-members retreat was held. A dedicated retreat was also held for investees and promotees. Reverend Sir Dave Heney, KCHS was the Retreat Master for the all-members retreat. His theme was centered around improving communication and reducing conflict. Of particular interest was his dinner discussion question. Pope John Paul II was asked if he could only keep one verse from the Bible, what would it be? This question generated many possible answers from the participants. The answer: “The truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32).
Saturday began with a Votive Mass honoring Our Lady Queen of Palestine. The conferral of promotions and member memorial was also part of the Mass. The Principal Celebrant was His Excellency, The Most Reverend Marc Trudeau, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles. He was joined by 14 concelebrating Prelates. In his Homily, Bishop Trudeau encouraged all Knights and Dames to share the Gospel and Spirit of the Lord every day. The power of Hope was also explored. The hopeful expectation of salvation, the hopeful expectation of being the children He created, and finally not hope expected, but hope realized. The Diocese of Tucson promotions included Sir Richard Fuchs, Sir Henry Sarnoff, Sir Mike Marum, Dr. Sir Alejandro Sanguineti, Sir Daniel Torrington, Sir Thomas McCloskey, Sir Ken Gallagher, Dame Maria Sarnoff, Dr. Dame Anna Victoria Sanguineti, and Dame Patricia Torrington. Dame Iris Taylor was remembered during the Memorial and Universal Prayer, “Requiescat In Pace”. The day concluded with a “Rockin Rose Bowl: dinner dance. The ballroom was filled with everyone wearing their favorite sports team outfits and the dance floor was jam packed all night.
Sr. Regina Marie Gorman, O.C.D. and The Very Reverend Sir Thomas Enneking began Sunday with two timely presentations. Sr. Regina began her presentation with background about the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ initiative of National Eucharist Revival. The Bishops of the United States are calling for a three-year grassroots revival of devotion and belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Sr. Regina suggested that like family, the Eucharist is a “treasure” we would do anything for. She said the Church is like a spa. It is a place to ease tension, clear the mind, and loosen our knots. Church is a place to tune your heart and to hear God’s message. “Lord speak, your servant is listening”. Communion is the high point of engagement with God. The joy transforms us, and the mystery is life changing. In closing, Sr. Regina asked the Dames and Knights to continue to support the goal of bringing the world back to Christ. Father Tom’s presentation was a primer on how to pray The Liturgy of the Hours. The Liturgy of the Hours, like many other forms of the canonical hours, consists primarily of psalms supplemented by hymns, readings, and other prayers and antiphons prayed at fixed prayer times. The Liturgy of the Hours reminds us that we belong to God. The elements of The Liturgy of the Hours consist of praise, proclamations, and intercessions. Father Tom reminded us that what is heard outwardly affects us inwardly. The privilege of beginning the day with prayers of hope and ending the day with prayers of thanksgiving will enhance the presence of God in our lives.
Mass with the Rite of Solemn Investiture at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels was held Sunday afternoon. The Diocese of Tucson investees included Father Sir Patrick Crino, Sir Sergio Cardona, and Dame Michelle Mitchell. During the Investiture, new Dames and Knights commit to the mission of the Order to serve the Catholic Church and to carry out acts of charity to make the operations to maintain the Christian presence in the Holy Land possible. The Principal Celebrant of the Investiture Mass was His Excellency, The Most Reverend Jose H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles, and Grand Prior Western USA Lieutenancy. He was assisted by 14 concelebrating Prelates. In his homily, Archbishop Gomez reminded the Knights and Dames of the purpose of the Order. He asked for the Grace to rededicate ourselves to God. As Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, we need to grow in holiness bit by bit day by day. The path to Heaven passes by the poor. Please pray that they have what they need. It is a special grace to be a member of the Order and we pray that the Holy Land has what they need. Dame Karen Harper, Dame Mary Jordan Taillon, and Fr. Sir Marcos Velasquez received Pilgrim Shells from H.E. Margaret Romano. The Mass ended with the Knights and Dames’ Prayer. The Grand Ball with Knights and Dames dressed in formal wear was the highlight of the evening. Again, the members danced the night away and celebrated an outstanding annual meeting.
The weekend ended with a Monday Travelers’ Mass celebrated by the Most Reverend Gerald R Barnes, Bishop Emeritus of San Bernardino. Bishop Barnes spoke of an amazing weekend and asked what one thing we would be taking home with us, what one blessing, what was learned, and how were you touched? He urged the Knights and Dames to go home and “Light a Fire” for the Order and the Church. In his Homily, he said that while the Order is impressive with ranks, titles, etc., but what does it mean if we lose site of the mission. We are in solidarity with the Holy Land. As humble servants of God, what has He called us to do?

Many thanks from the Knights and Dames of the Diocese of Tucson and their Guests to Sir Dennis and Dame Susan De Pietro, Los Angeles Area Co-Councillors, and their planning team for hosting a fabulous annual meeting. All Knights and Dames are looking forward to the 2023 Annual Meeting hosted by the Diocese of San Bernardino in Rancho Mirage, California 5-9 October 2023.

Submitted by Sir David Ball, KCHS


Diocese of Tucson Holds Holy Hour For An End To The Death Penalty


One of the aims of the EOHSJ is to strengthen in its members’ the practice of Christian life, in absolute fidelity to the Supreme Pontiff and according to the teachings of the Church, observing as its foundation the principles of charity which make the Order a fundamental means of assistance to the Holy Land.
The Western USA Lieutenancy promotes the spiritual component required of every Knight and Dame by reserving the first Monday of every month and gathering in the evening to pray the Holy Rosary. Groups are formed locally in each Area (Diocese).

The Most Reverend Edward Weisenburger, KC*HS, Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson, invited the Dames and Knights of the Diocese of Tucson to a Holy Hour to pray the Rosary on June 6, 2022 for an end to the death penalty. This was timely as the state of Arizona has recently resumed executions and an execution was planned for June 8, 2022. The beautiful Lady’s Chapel at St Augustine Cathedral hosted the Holy Hour.

The Holy Hour began with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. After the Scripture sharing, Bishop Weisenburger offered a reflection. He began by remembering the victim. He prayed for her in Heaven and that her family would continue to find healing in God’s love. He referenced the Scripture readings message as escalating retribution, the taking of human life, is not a proper response. He shared the thoughts of the late Pope John Paul II who frequently called for an end to the death penalty. Among his statements on this issue were the following: “May the death penalty, an unworthy punishment still used in some countries, be abolished throughout the world.” (Prayer at the Papal Mass at Regina Coeli Prison in Rome, July 9, 2000).

Bishop Weisenburger reminded the participants that in 2018, Pope Francis ordered a change in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the official compendium of church teaching, when he termed the death penalty “inadmissible.” The Pope placed the full weight of his teaching authority behind this statement: The death penalty is inadmissible, and Catholics should work for its abolition.

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary were prayed. Each decade had a special intention. These included:

“Let us pray for Pope Francis and those in leadership in the Church as they work to end a culture of death and promote a culture of life”.

“Let us pray for all prison personnel tasked with conducting executions. May they always know your grace and compassion as they are asked to perform these acts of harm”.

“Let us pray for all those on death row awaiting execution. May they know your unending love and forgiveness as children of God”.

Sister Helen Prejean, C.S.J., provided the concluding prayer:

God of Compassion, you let your rain fall on the just and the unjust. Expand and deepen our hearts so that we may love as You love, even those among us who have caused the greatest pain by taking life. For there is in our land a great cry for vengeance as we fill up death row and kill the killer in the name of justice, in the name of peace. Jesus, our brother, you suffered execution at the hands of the state, but you did not let hatred overcome you help us to reach out to victims of violence that our enduring love may help them heal. Holy Spirit of God, you strengthen us in the struggle for justice, help us to work tirelessly for the abolition of state-sanctioned death and to renew our society in its very heart so that violence will be no more. Amen.

The Holy Hour concluded with the Benediction. The opportunity to support Bishop Weisenburger as he tends to his Diocese of Tucson flock is a great joy for the Knights and Dames. First Monday Rosaries continue as a way for members to support the mission of the EOHSJ.

Submitted by Sir David Ball, KCHS


Diocese of Tucson Celebrates the Ordination of Fr. Richard Rivera

Since the earliest days of the EOHSJ, members have continued the traditions of pilgrimage, prayer, active involvement in their faith through the parish and diocese, and a pledge of financial resources to support Catholics and Catholic institutions in the Holy Land. In keeping with these traditions, on June 4, 2022, Knights and Dames of the EOHSJ in the Diocese of Tucson were honored to participate in the ordination to the priesthood of Deacon Richard Rivera at St. Augustine Cathedral. To be a highly visible component of the entrance procession for an ordination to the Priesthood is one of the many ways the Order supports the Diocese of Tucson. The Presiding Celebrant and Ordaining Prelate was Most Reverend Edward Weisenburger, KC*HS, Bishop of Tucson.

Bishop Weisenburger presenting Deacon Richard Rivera before his ordination to the priesthood

Enthusiastic attendees

The Rite of Ordination takes place during the Mass after the Gospel had been read. The ordinands (candidates for ordination) are called to assemble before the Bishop. Each one answers “present” when called out. This signifies that God calls men into ministry from the midst of the faithful (Heb 5:1-6).
The bishop will ask the person in charge of the ordinands, if they are ready and worthy to be ordained. Then the Bishop proceeds with a homily which contains instructions for the ordinands.

In his homily, Bishop Weisenburger acknowledged the anticipation, arrival of this day, and Deacon Rivera’s commitment to the Church and the Diocese of Tucson. He prayed that God would bring to completion the good works begun in him. While core values are found in the vows, every priesthood is a set of unique talents that God has invested in the ordinand. He concluded his homily asking Deacon Rivera to “feed my sheep, tend my flock, and always expand our ability to love”.

The Bishop questions the ordinands if they are ready to be ordained and willing to be obedient to his instructions and guidance. The ordinand answers the Bishop’s questions with “I am, with the help of God.”
The ordinands prostrate themselves at the altar as a symbol of total submission to the will of God and hand their lives to God. The whole congregation will kneel and say the Litany of the Saints to ask for the help of all the Saints to accompany the ordinands throughout their priesthood and to remind us how the saints lived holy lives and that we should live holy lives as well.

The essential part of the ordination is when the Bishop lays his hands on the head of the ordinand and prays silently invoking the power of the Holy Spirit upon the ordinand (Acts of the Apostles 6:6). The priests present in the ceremony do the same, which signifies they also share the gift of ordination through the gift of Holy Spirit.

The second essential part of the ordination is when the priests present raise their hands in blessing, as the Bishop prays the Prayer of Consecration of the ordinands and the congregation answers, “Amen” to the Bishop’s prayer.

The newly ordained priests will remove the deacon stole and put on a priest’s stole and chasuble, and return to the Bishop. The Bishop will then anoint their hands with chrism oil.

The Rite of Ordination ends with sign of peace and Bishop begins immediately the liturgy of the Eucharist, with the newly ordained (Fr. Richard Rivera) taking part in celebrating the Eucharist as his first celebration of the Eucharist as a Priest.

The Dames and Knights of the EOHSJ support all efforts to increase vocations in the Catholic Church. To participate in, and support, Father Rivera’s ordination to the priesthood is an opportunity to “live” the mission and traditions of the Order.

Submitted by Sir David Ball, KCHS



EOHSJ Tucson Holds 2022 Lenten Retreat

On March 19, 2022, the Dames and Knights of the Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ gathered at Saint Thomas the Apostle Church for a Lenten Retreat.  Sister Lois Paha, O.P., D. Min. served as retreat master.

Sister Lois led the Knights and Dames on a journey through the Liturgies of Holy Week. The Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Vigil, and Easter Sunday is the center and culmination of the Liturgical Year.  We celebrate the Paschal mystery, a life pattern which we live in our daily lives. The Liturgies of Holy Week remind us that:

  • The Church is the Body of Christ
  • Holy Week is a gift and a new beginning
  • The renewal of our Baptism is connected to the Eucharist
  • The Easter Vigil is a celebration of the local church

Holy Thursday is a call to service of the Lord in all things.  The readings teach us that the Eucharist is the sacrament of the Church’s identity.  The Gospel of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples is an example of how they are to love one another in imitation of His love for them.  Sister Lois asked the Knights and Dames to share their experiences of having their feet washed by a Priest.  “Humbling” and “Why Me?” were the common theme. She asked the group to reflect on the questions – How does the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday inspire me to be disciple/servant?  What can I do? How can I be?

Good Friday is walking in the Way of the Cross in everyday life.  While Mass is not celebrated on Good Friday, there is a Liturgy. The reading of The Passion of the Lord reminds us of his painful death. The retreat attendees had been asked to bring a cross with them.  Sister Lois shared photographs of many different crosses and what they represent.  She asked the Knights and Dames to reflect on the cross they were holding.  What memories come to you as you hold it?  What are the ways in which the Cross of Christ has been a source of strength and courage for you?  What elements of the Passion of the Lord bring you sadness?  Bring you hope?

Easter Vigil celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection: God’s healing mercy.   Holy Saturday is a time of preparation for the vigil – the climax of the Triduum.  Saint Augustine referred to it as “the mother of all vigils.” The readings contain the story of our deliverance and give meaning to the rituals of this night.  The Alleluia returns!   The primary focuses are initiation and Eucharist.  The Catechumens are welcomed into the Church and there is a renewal of Baptismal promises. The renewal of Baptismal promises summarizes the Paschal Mystery – our own dying and rising with Jesus. 

Easter Sunday is a continuation of the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection. The Mass celebrates the most important teaching in the Catholic faith – that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead so that we could share eternal life with Him in heaven. The readings and Gospel teach us that we are commissioned to preach, that this is the day the Lord has made – let us rejoice and be glad, seek heavenly things, and the promise of the empty tomb.

Sr. Lois Paha, retreat master

Fr. Garcia delivering his homily

Happy retreat attendees

Reverend Alonso Garcia, KHS, assisted by Deacon Ken McNealy, KCHS, celebrated Mass for the Feast Day of Saint Joseph. In his homily, Father Garcia reminded us that St. Joseph protected Jesus and his Mother. St. Joseph had decisions to make.  He could run away, he could stay, or he could abandon them.  He decided to stay, and the Plan of Salvation was carried out.  God continues to provide salvation day in and day out despite distractions.  We are called to become men and women of faith.  He asked us to be true disciples of Christ in our journey of life.  

The retreat ended with the praying of the Holy Rosary and Sister Lois asking the Knights and Dames to reflect on:  What does the renewal of Baptismal promises mean to me for the remaining days of Lent?

Submitted by
David Ball, KCHS
Tucson Senior Staff Reporter




Diocese of Tucson – 2022 Mid-Year Meeting

On 8 March 2022, the EOHSJ Knights and Dames of the Diocese of Tucson gathered for their Mid-Year Meeting. The evening began with Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Church. The Most Reverend Edward Weisenburger, KC*HS, celebrated Mass, assisted by Deacon Ken McNealy, KCHS. In his welcome, Bishop Weisenburger introduced Most Reverend Gerald F. Kicanas, KC*HS, D.D., Bishop Emeritus. As this is the season of Lent, Bishop Weisenburger delivered his homily focusing on the Lord’s Prayer. He suggested that Knights and Dames should be like God and forgive. In ancient Palestine a name was sacred. He asked that we reflect on “hallowed be thy name”. As a reminder of the sacredness of a name, he pointed to the Second Commandment, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain”. Bishop Weisenburger closed his homily by asking Knights and Dames, during Lent, to work on being more like God.

The Diocese of Tucson and the Western Lieutenancy business update was held at Skyline Country Club. Sir Bill McEwen, KGCHS, Area Co-councillor, with Dame Karen McEwen, DGCHS served as the masters of ceremonies for the evening. Father Mike Bucciarelli, KCHS, provided an opening prayer and led the Prayer of the Western Lieutenancy. Sir Bill McEwen expressed the joy of both bishops being present at the meeting. Some highlights of the past year included First Monday Rosaries, an Advent retreat, a Lenten retreat, and a combined retreat with the Diocese of Phoenix. He then introduced three new candidates for our Order.

Bishop Kicanas spoke about unexpected challenges, including his own, and how the support that is received will help in overcoming any challenge that is being faced. He reminded those in attendance that Knights and Dames do great things and should be proud of what they do in supporting the EOHSJ mission.

Dame Dr. Ana Sanguineti, DC*HS, provided an update on the Legacy Society. The mission is to sustain and aid charitable organizations and to propagate the faith in the Holy Land. Participation in the Legacy Society reflects a lifetime commitment to the Order. Currently, Tucson has 20 Legacy Society members, and the goal is to double that number in 2022.

Dame Ann Dickson, DGCHS, provided an update on activities of the Justice and Peace Committee. With present conditions being what they are in the Holy Land, Justice and Peace issues are of vital concern to the Order. The annual honorarium supports Justice and Peace issues. Micro loans, seminarian sponsorship, and Bethlehem University scholarships are some of the projects that have been supported by members of the Order.

Dame Sister Lois Paha, DCHS spoke about a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land to be led by Bishop Weisenburger from January 23 to February 4, 2023.

H.E. Dame Margaret Romano, DGCHS, Lieutenant, Western USA Lieutenancy provided an update of Lieutenancy activities. During 2021 increased spiritual opportunities were accomplished via Zoom with speakers, novenas, and other special events. A Facebook Group, YouTube Channel, Instagram, and “The Way Magazine” were introduced to improve communication. In 2021, 67 new Knights and Dames were invested, and 98 Knights and Dames were promoted. There will continue to be many spiritual opportunities in 2022. Also, an EOHSJ Associates Program is being developed that will allow young adults, ages 20-34, to become acquainted with the Order. Holy Land Pilgrimages have begun again, and the Western Lieutenancy has many scheduled for the rest of this year and for 2023. The Western Lieutenancy will be hosting the North American Lieutenants’ meeting in Pasadena from 1 June to 5 June. At the 2022 Annual Meeting in Pasadena, there are 82 nominations for investiture and 100 promotions. The Langham Hotel will be the host site and Bishop Barron will be the Sunday morning speaker. Dame Margie closed by thanking Knights and Dames for all their generosity and everything that they do to support the Order.

The meeting concluded with Monsignor Pinti, KCHS, leading The Memorare (Prayer of the Order) and saying a blessing asking for God’s protection.

Submitted by
David Ball, KCHS
Tucson Senior Staff Reporter


 EOHSJ Tucson Holds Advent Retreat 

Dear Members,

Although you’re reading this article after Christmas and New Year, it is particularly insightful to read it now. With all the hustle and bustle of the Advent season having subsided, one may ponder the depth and breadth of God’s love and His gifts to us!

Bill & Karen McEwen
Co-councillors EOHSJ Diocese of Tucson

* * * * *

Twenty five members of the EOHSJ Tucson area traveled across the city early Saturday morning, December 4th, to the Redemptorist Retreat Center in the Tucson Mountains for the seasonal retreat. They were all looking forward to Sister Lois Paha’s presentation of “Images of the Advent Season: The Beauty of God in This Time of Preparation.

Sister Lois Paha, O.P., D.Min., served as Retreat Master. Monsignor Al Schifano celebrated the Liturgy and was assisted by Deacon Ken McNealy.


Sr. Lois introducing the retreat

Sr. Lois, introduced the retreat by referring to insights from Pope Benedict XVI about the theology of beauty and the new evangelization. Pope Benedict drew on writings from St. Thomas Aquinas, among others, and Plato, commenting that beauty “draws us out of ourselves and the rut we sometimes find ourselves” in our daily lives. “Beauty gives us wings lifting us up so that we may soar to the transcendent and rise to greatness.” She cautioned that the season of Advent often carries a muted tone in the liturgical environment influencing our prayer and worship. She emphasized that our own spiritual journey, however, should not be muted. She explained that in this retreat we would look at the Scripture readings for each Sunday of Advent to gain inspiration about the beauty of God and to challenge ourselves to recognize beauty in this liturgical season of preparation for the birth of our Lord.

Retreatants absorbing the message

Sr. Lois led us in a prayer asking God to help us “be alive to the opportunities of each moment and alert to the opportunities of this time we share today” and “stretch our imaginations…to be open to the changes that our future makes possible.” She presented religious images relating to the four weeks of Advent to guide us in our journey through the four weeks of Advent and inspire us in our faith. She encouraged us to think about each week with specific prompts that called for us to examine our own lives and find joy in this season.

Sr. Lois explained the origin of the celebration of the Advent season as a period of preparation. In the Christian Churches of the East, it was preparation for Epiphany with an emphasis on penance whereas in the Christian Church of the West it was preparation for the birth of our Lord with emphasis on joyous anticipation. We, Roman Catholics are encouraged to consider this season a time of joyful expectation of Christ’s coming and a hopeful waiting for his second coming. This is the time to pray to God “to help us let go of things that hold us in bondage.” This is the time “to entrust our past to God so that we can be free to greet God in the present.”

In this first presentation Sr. Lois asked us to reflect with these prompts: “What beauty offered itself to you that gave you wings and could be a reminder of God’s love and care for you?” “What are some gifts God has given you as blessings that enable you to bless others?” “For what gifts do you pray?” She encouraged open dialogue from all the retreatants and responses were varied and informative.


Sr. Lois referred to the readings for the first Sunday of Advent from Jeremiah 33:14-16, Psalm 25, 1 Thessalonians 3:12-4:2, and Luke 21:25-28, 34-36 and pointed out that the emphasis of the first week is on the second coming of the Lord. “Be watchful”, “live honorably as in the daylight”, “be ready”, “the Son of Man is coming when you least expect it”, and “pray constantly for strength to stand before the Son of Man” were some of the salient points gleaned from the readings. She asked us, “What is/was a moment of beauty for your prayer for this first Advent week?”

Sr. Lois continued with Advent II “Straight Paths” and indicated that the second Sunday of Advent readings call us to penance but not without the promise of redemption. Baruch 5:1-9 ” for God is leading Israel in joy… with his mercy and justice for company,” Psalm 126 “The Lord has done great things for us. We are filled with joy,” Philippians 1: 4-6, 8-11 “ …that your love may increase…to discern what is of value…,” and Luke 3: 1-6…”Prepare the way of the Lord” remind us to remove the things that hinder us from receiving Christ with joy. She asked us, “What small action can you do this second week of Advent ‘to remove what hinders you’?” She then introduced different prompts for discussion: “Name a few times you have suffered a loss or been broken by life, and what wisdom have you gleaned later because of these events?” These reflections helped us prepare us for the Eucharist.


Msgr. Al Schifano celebrated the Mass, assisted by Dcn Ken McNealy, who is presently assigned to Our Lady of the Desert, the chapel at the Redemptorist Renewal Center. The vocalist and harpist for the Mass was Janna Todd from Elizabeth Seton Parish. His homily emphasized the feeling of positive hopefulness the faithful had for the birth of our Lord. He suggested that the faithful in our troubled world today, despite a pandemic, increased social and political strife, should adopt this same attitude of joyous expectation.


Msgr. Al celebrating the Mass with Dcn Ken assisting



Janna Todd accompanying herself with the harp

Msgr. Al injected humor by referring to the cartoon characters Charlie Brown and Lucy: Charlie Brown was so discouraged and dejected that he told Lucy that he was sure the world was going to end tomorrow. Lucy’s response was, “No it won’t, Charlie Brown; it’s already tomorrow in Australia.” He reminded us of St. Paul’s words in his Letter to the Philippians, “Brothers and sisters: Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice!”

Lunch in the dining room followed the Mass. This provided the opportunity to reflect and discuss the morning’s presentations informally with other retreatants and with Sister Lois who sat with the attendees.


Sr. Lois reminded us that the colors of the candles in wreaths and liturgical vestments change from purple to pink in the third week of Advent. This signifies the expectation of joyfulness. Called by its Latin name, “Gaudete” Sunday comes from the entrance antiphon “Rejoice always in the Lord.” The readings from the third Sunday of Advent (Zephaniah 3:14-18, Psalm 12, Philippians 4:4-7, and Luke 3:10-18) all speak to joy and gladness. She asked us to think of a time when we received the gift of joy and gladness from someone or some experience near the time of Christmas. She also posed the question: “to whom can you bring joy and gladness as the days of Christmas draw near?” Many retreatants participated in the discussion in this presentation, and this elicited a variety of meaningful responses.


Sr. Lois noted that the three very important feast days to honor Our Blessed Mother would be celebrated within a couple days of each other between the second and third weeks of Advent: The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on Wednesday, December 8th, the Feast of Our Lady of Loreto on Friday, December 10th, and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Sunday, December 12th. She emphasized that, while some people may find these days as distinct from Advent, all three feasts would help us on our journey to God through Advent.  



Sr. Lois presented several annunciation visuals reminding us of the angel’s foretelling the birth of Jesus. She noted that the readings for the fourth Sunday of Advent (Micah 5: 1-4, Psalm 80, Hebrews 10: 5-10, and Luke 1: 39-45) speak of peace, God’s saving power, and the birth of Christ. The Gospel account of the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth should be familiar to most Catholics. It shows us the love these women had for each other and the clarity of their faith. Mary’s Magnificat, in particular, speaks of God’s greatness and many blessings. Sr. Lois suggested we “Think about the people who are or have been blessings for you?” “Think of their names. . . Remember an event of blessing they gave you.” Rejoice in that gift!” As we focused on these prompts, each of us began to vividly recall blessings from specific family members, friends, and acquaintances from the past up to the present time.

Sr. Lois reminded us that Advent centers our attention on the redemptive incarnation of Christ, His first and second comings into the world and our hearts, and the demand to live in hopeful expectation as we experience God’s loving presence here and now. She asked us how we will use this season with all its images, goings on, and surprises to be a source of beauty of God and spirituality. She encouraged us to remember Pope Benedict XVI’s echoing of Plato: “Beauty gives us wings…that we may soar to the transcendent!”

When this fourth presentation ended, we felt enlightened and inspired. We had learned much more than we even had expected about this season of preparation for the birth of our Lord. We knew the presence of the Holy Spirit was with us!


We ended the day with a closing prayer of yearning and faithful expectation: “Come, Lord Jesus!” We are grateful to Sr. Lois for presenting such a thoughtful retreat and helping us find God’s beauty in our journey through the four weeks of Advent.


Submitted by Sir David Orr

Photo by Sir Bill McEwen


Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ Celebrates the Red Mass

The Most Reverend Edward J. Weisenburger celebrated the Red Mass at Saint Augustine Cathedral on 5 November 2021. The Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ was invited to join in the Mass as part of the entrance procession. Knights and dames from many areas of the diocese were in attendance. Our participation in the Mass provided an opportunity to raise the awareness and mission of the Order.

The Red Mass is a historical tradition within the Catholic Church dating back to the Thirteenth Century when it officially opened the term of the court for most European countries. The first recorded Red Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral of Paris in 1245. The Red Mass also has been traditionally identified with the opening of the Sacred Roman Rota, the supreme judicial body of the Catholic Church. In the United States, the first Red Mass occurred in New York City on 6 October 1928 at Old St. Andrews Church. The Holy Spirit is honored as the source of wisdom, understanding, counsel, and fortitude. These gifts will shine forth in the dispensing of justice.

In his homily, Bishop Weisenburger noted that our legal structure is a foundation upon which a stable society can be built. The Mass also provides the opportunity to say, “thank you”, and ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you to the greatest heights of understanding, zeal, and noble practice of your service. The Gospel reading (Luke 16:1-8) is a parable of a sinful steward who is manipulating the books and when caught gives away more of the owner’s money. In the end the owner praises him. The message of Jesus is God’s treasure is his mercy and he asks that it be spread widely and wildly.

The St. Thomas More Society of Tucson hosted a dinner after the Mass at the Diocese of Tucson Pastoral Center. It was an opportunity to meet members of the St. Thomas More Society and to congratulate the 2021 St. Thomas More Award winners.

Written by David Ball, KCHS
Submitted by Bill and Karen McEwen, Co-Councillors, Diocese of Tucson



Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ Celebrates the Feast of Our Lady Queen of Palestine.

It is with great joy that the Feast of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Palestine, is celebrated in all the Lieutenancies of the Order, on the last Sunday in October.

On 15 July 1920 the Latin Patriarch, Luigi Barlassina, made a solemn entry into the Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre and consecrated the diocese to Mary. He invoked the title of “Queen of Palestine” for the first time.

The special relationship of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Palestine, with the Order dates to the pontificate of John Paul II. In 1983, 50 years after the institution of the feast, Saint John Paul II – addressing the Knights and Dames of the Lieutenancies of Northern and Central Italy – urged them to be witnesses of Christ in everyday life and to continue the work of the Order in the Holy Land under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Ten years later, in 1993, the then Grand Master of the Order, Cardinal Giuseppe Caprio, asked Saint John Paul II to declare of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Palestine, Patroness of the Order. The Holy Father replied on 21 January 1994 by a decree granting the request.

The Most Reverend Edward J. Weisenburger, Bishop of Tucson, celebrated the feast day with Mass at St. Augustine Cathedral. As this is one of the four feast days celebrated by the Order, the EOHSJ Tucson members were invited to participate in the entrance procession. Many knights and dames from different areas of the diocese were able to participate. To be visible in the church is an opportunity to share the mission of the Order with parishioners.

The Virgin Mary is known by many different names, including Mother of God and Our Lady. The mother of Jesus has a more central role in Roman Catholic teachings and beliefs than in any other major Christian group. Not only do Roman Catholics have more theological doctrines and teachings that relate to Mary, but they also have more festivals, prayers, devotional, and venerative practices than any other group. The Church’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin is intrinsic to Christian worship.

After the Mass, a reception was held in the Diocese Pastoral Center. The reception provided a time to update Lieutenancy activities, get acquainted with other members, and share EOHSJ experiences.

Our Lady, Queen of Palestine: Pray for us!
Mary, Mother of the Church: Pray for Us!
Our Lady, Queen of Peace: Pray for Us!

Written by David Ball, KCHS; pictures by Bill McEwen
Submitted by Bill and Karen McEwen, Co-Councillors, Diocese of Tucson



EOHSJ of Diocese of Tucson Celebrates Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is one of four feasts celebrated by the Order. The feast day marks the dedication of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 335. The celebration was a two-day festival:  The consecration of the church was on 13 September, but the Cross itself was brought outside the church on 14 September so that all clergy and faithful could pray and venerate the True Cross.

At the 2021 mid-year meeting, Most Reverend Edward Joseph Weisenburger asked that Knights and Dames be attentive to inviting new members into the Order. This feast day provided an opportunity to share the mission and works of the Order with prospective members. Reverend Ricky Ordonez KHS, Parochial Vicar of Saints Peter and Paul Parish invited the Knights and Dames of Tucson to participate in the 11:00 a.m. Mass on 12 September.

The procession with Clergy, Deacons, Altar Servers, Knights, and Dames increases the awareness of the Order, especially for Catholics who are not aware of the Order. In his opening greeting, Father Rickey shared that on his first visit to the Holy Land (prior to Priesthood) , he became aware of the Jerusalem Cross. He highlighted the importance of sustaining and aiding the charitable, cultural, and social works and institutions of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land as one of the missions of the Order.

In his homily, Father Ricky noted that the United States of America has always been a country that stands ready to protect any country in the world in danger of losing the rights and privileges that it is supposed to accord its citizens. He likened this to the works of the Order. The Order supports the preservation and propagation of the Faith in the Holy Land. The Order works to uphold the rights of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land. The Order practices the virtue of charity, supporting the Church in the Holy Land. He concluded his homily by saying one could not travel in the Holy Land without seeing the impact the Order has and how much appreciation the faithful have for the Order.

A reception was hosted after Mass for potential members who had questions or were seeking more information. Another Invitation to Formation is planned for 31 October, the feast day of The Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Palestine with Mass celebrated by Most Reverend Edward Joseph Weisenburger.

Written by David Ball, KCHS

Submitted by Bill and Karen McEwen
Co-Councillors Diocese of Tucson


EOHSJ Tucson and Phoenix Hold Combined 2021 Retreat 

The Dioceses of Tucson and Phoenix EOHSJ gathered for a combined retreat on 28 August 2021. The Diocese of Tucson hosted this year’s retreat.

The combined retreat was held at the beautiful Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson where on the wall of the Our Lady of the Desert Church at the Center is a saying that paraphrases Hosea 2:14: “desert will lead you to your heart where I will speak.” The setting provides an opportunity to reflect on spiritual growth.

Reverend James Starbuck, M. Div, IHS, KHS, served as the retreat master. Father James attended Catholic grade school and high school and received a bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University in 1981. He completed his theological studies at the Catholic University in Washington, DC and was ordained a Priest for the Diocese of Oakland on 24 August 1990. Father James was invested in the EOHSJ in 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska. He is known nationally and internationally for leading retreats and missions. He is currently sharing his talents with St. Rose Church and Mission in Anthem, Arizona.

The theme of the retreat was ‘Through the Eucharist, Jesus is Present in Every Catholic Church’. Father James used the “Apostolic Exhortation – Veneremur Cernui – Down in Adoration Falling” of the Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, as the basis of his talk. The retreat was a three-part journey that included: 1) Eucharist – Mystery to Be Revered, 2) Hold Nothing Back from Christ, and 3) Loving and Adoring the Eucharistic Lord.

Part 1 – Eucharist – Mystery to Be Revered
While Jesus ascended into Heaven, he did not leave us orphans. He left us his body and blood. While this concept may be difficult to comprehend, all of heaven is singing praise at every Eucharist. At every Mass we are in the presence of Jesus. The Roman Catholic Church is different from other religions as there is apostolic succession back to St Peter as the first Pope. The Eucharist comes to us through the Mass. In every Mass, Jesus is not being offered again: rather, we – the Mystical Body of Christ – are taken up into the one sacrifice at Calvary by means of the Priesthood of Christ. Receiving the Eucharist at Mass is a grace where Jesus Christ is ever present. When we eat the Eucharist, we become what we consume – becoming like Him. It is here that a quality and abundance of life beyond this world is given to us.

Part 2 – Hold Nothing Back from Christ
The Eucharist is truly the sacrament of Christ’s love. How do we respond to the Lord’s gift of himself in the Holy Eucharist? Do we rally desire him? Are we anxious to meet him? Do we desire to encounter him? Our desire is to look like Jesus. We can only find him in the Eucharist. Through the Eucharist we become like him. We are supposed to be a witness for Jesus Christ. One way to do this by asking for “Blessings on whoever is my path today.” Being a person of faith is not easy. We must receive him worthily. The Holy Eucharist is the ongoing Redemption of the world through Christ’s real presence among and within us. We need to make the Eucharist the source and summit of our whole life.

Part 3 – Loving and Adoring the Eucharistic Lord
How do we live out the mystery of the Eucharist with greater faith and love – for as we pray at each Mass – “our good and the good of all his holy church?” Make time for a prayer life. Find your “holy spot” and pray at the same time each day. Always end your prayer with “I ask this in the name of Jesus.” Whatever you ask for in the name of Jesus you will receive. The obligation of Sunday Mass is meant to spill over into the rest of the week. Jesus taught us to ask Our Father “give us this day our daily bread.” Christ nourishes his church daily in Mass. Mass can become a daily source of peace and strength. By increasing your time of Eucharist adoration, you can deepen your prayer in marvelous ways. Pope Francis spoke of this prayer as a kind of necessity during a homily in 2016: “we cannot know the Lord without this habit of worship, to worship in silence and adoration. He is the savior and I worship him.”

Reverend Thomas Enneking, KHS, led the participants in praying the Rosary to conclude the retreat. This is the seventh year that the two EOHSJ Arizona Dioceses have gathered for a combined retreat. The goal is to grow spiritually and to get to know each other better. Twenty-nine Knights, Dames, and Clergy participated this year, and all are encouraged to attend next year’s retreat which will be hosted by the Diocese of Phoenix.

Written by David Ball
Pictures by Bill McEwen and David Ball


Tucson Mid-Year Meeting, March 2021

The Diocese of Tucson EOHSJ gathered virtually on 27 March 2021 for the annual mid-year meeting. The meeting was hosted by Sir William and Dame Karen McEwen, Diocese of Tucson Area Co-Councillors. The meeting included Dames, Knights, and clergy from around our Diocese of Tucson, Most Reverend Edward Joseph Weisenburger and Most Reverend Gerald F. Kicanas, D.D. Bishop Emeritus.

Bishop Weisenburger opened the meeting with prayer. He asked for God’s blessing for the Knights and Dames of the EOHSJ, the continued healing from Covid 19 and praised the message of Easter and the death and resurrection Jesus Christ – the foundational belief of the Catholic faith.

In his opening comments, Bishop Weisenburger highlighted items of interest. The pandemic has affected all aspects of Church operations. Many protocols are in place to ensure the safety of all worshipers. As more people are being vaccinated and case rates are reducing, he shared that beginning with Holy Thursday, the reception of the Eucharist was returning to its regular place in the Mass. He mentioned that the Diocese of Tucson had experienced impact from a pandemic before as the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 delayed the consecration of Santa Cruz Catholic Church by six months. The use of technology has been one of the many ways the Church has stayed connected with parishioners. In closing, he asked that all Knights and Dames be attentive to inviting new members to join the Order.

Dame Karen provided a Diocese of Tucson update. Currently the Order has 111 members including 16 clergy. There are two investiture nominees and a possibility of six promotees for 2021. She asked for prayers for six members who died during the past year. While not able to gather in person, technology has allowed members to stay connected. The focus for the upcoming year will be activities that promote spiritual growth.

Dame Ann Dickson reviewed Justice and Peace activities. The Kicanas Scholarship Fund is currently sponsoring two students at Bethlehem University. There is also a possibility that a Seminarian sponsorship will be available. There also are continuing efforts to support Christian businesses in the Holy Land. She closed by asking that members consider donating to the Bishop Kicanas scholarship fund.

Dame Doctor Ana Sanguineti reviewed the Legacy Society. Including the EOHSJ in estate planning reinforces the EOHSJ Mission in the Holy Land of increasing and strengthening Christian life, supporting cultural sites, schools, hospitals, seminarians and the Holy Land Economic Development Fund. The Legacy achievement levels, and recognition levels were described. Any gifts are appreciated.

Dame Sister Lois Paha discussed the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land later this year under the Spiritual direction and leadership of Bishop Weisenburger. Information is available on the Western Lieutenancy website.

H.E. Dame Margie Romano provided a 2020 review of the Western Lieutenancy. She spoke of the many challenges and emphasized the implementation of an updated member data base that has resulted in improved operational efficiency of the Order. The new media team has implemented a You Tube channel and Facebook page. In addition, “The Way Magazine” is being distributed. “Good Catholics need connection” and many opportunities have been available, including first Monday Rosaries and other on-line special events. The annual meeting was held virtually with 60 members invested and 57 members promoted. 2021 goals include improving the Western Lieutenancy website, Lenten events, three pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and Stations of the Cross. The 2021 annual meeting will be hosted by the Diocese of Las Vegas. All Covid 19 protocols will be followed, and registration is expected to be available beginning 10 May 2021. There are 52 investees and 70 promotions. Applications are available on- line for 2022 nominations.

Sir Viktor Rzeteljski reviewed the Western Lieutenancy financials. 2020 was the biggest year in support of the Holy Land via Grand Magisterium contributions. The 2018 and 2019 audits have been completed and no issues were documented.

In closing, H.E. Dame Margie Romano reminded the meeting attendees that with caring and goodness, the members, during this time of renewal are doing good things. Father Sir Michael Bucciarelli led the closing prayer and Bishop Kicanas blessed the meeting attendees.

Submitted by Sir David Ball, KCHS


EOHSJ Tucson Virtual Advent Retreat, November 2020

The Diocese of Tucson Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem gathered via Zoom for an Advent Retreat on 14 November 2020. Twenty-Four Dames and Knights participated from cities around the Diocese of Tucson and from Oregon and Virginia. Brother Silas Henderson served as the Retreat Master. Brother Silas is the Executive Director of the Tucson based Jordan Ministry Team. Brother Silas is a catechist and retreat leader and has authored four books. His reflections and articles on discipleship, liturgy, spirituality, Mary, and the Saints have appeared in a variety of prominent Catholic publications.

Brother Silas led the Dames and Knights on a journey as told by Saint Luke – “Magnificat: My Soul Magnifies the Lord.” Saint Luke sees salvation in three parts:

1) Israel is the law and prophecies as told in the Old Testament
2) Jesus is the centerpiece of history as told in the Gospels
3) The Church is the continuation of the mission of Jesus until the Son of Man returns

As God works through us and in us bringing meaning to our lives our souls proclaim the greatness of the Lord. We are looked upon with favor and he has mercy for those who fear him in every generation.

Is Mary a Prophet? Luke 1:26-38 is The Birth of Jesus Foretold. Mary exhibits all of the attributes of a Prophet per the Old Testament except she was not afraid and did not initially say no. A prophet is one who sees, thinks, and acts spiritually. She spoke the truth on what was happening in the world, what God was doing, and what could happen. She transitioned from her recognition of what God had done for her, to praise for what God is doing and will do for all creation. Mary reminds us that we owe everything to God and each of us has something to offer to the world.

The definition of mercy is to have a sad heart. God has a sad heart for us, and He responds with love. God has blessed us so that we can continue God’s plan for us with the same fervor and devotion as Mary.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer summarizes the case of Mary as a Prophet – “This is not the gentle, tender, dreamy Mary…” Brother Silas speaks of Mary the Prophet as a woman of faith, conviction and strength while yielding passion and love.

The Advent Retreat provided many opportunities to reflect on the Gospel of Luke and Mary as a Prophet. The participants reflected and shared on the following topics:

1) How does it feel to think of Mary as a Prophet?
2) What does it mean to rejoice? How is joy part of your spirituality?
3) How have you experienced the gift of salvation in your life?
4) When do you feel that God has looked with favor on you?
5) How does it feel to think of yourself as blessed and called?
6) How is human mercy different from God’s mercy?

While everyone looks forward to the time when Dames and Knights can gather in person, this Zoom retreat provided a unique opportunity to prepare for the season of Advent. Brother Silas was knowledgeable and thought provoking as Retreat Master. Comments such as “What a great retreat! One of the best, if not the best I’ve ever attended” and “It was a whole new way to view Mary as Prophet. This was just the right retreat for Advent for me.”

In this season of Advent spend some time reflecting on how Mary can “Raise Us Up.”

Submitted by Sir David Ball, KCHS, EOHSJ Tucson.


Helena Christine and Ann Dickson Elected to Board of Directors of the
Bethlehem University Foundation

3 August 2020

Bethlehem University Foundation is pleased to announce the April 2020 election of Helena Christine and Ann Dickson to the Board of Directors of the Bethlehem University Foundation.

As a joint venture between the De La Salle Christian Brothers and the Vatican, Directors of the Bethlehem University Foundation, once elected to the Board, must be confirmed by the Superior General of the Christian Brothers and the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches. Helena and Ann’s election was confirmed earlier this week.

Reflecting on the election, Sister Irene O’Neill, Chair of the Board of Directors said, “The Foundation is honored to welcome Helena and Ann to the Board. They bring years of professional experience and personal support to the Foundation. The Board is very fortunate to have both women join in our ministry of supporting and promoting Bethlehem University in the Holy Land.”

Both Helena and Ann are Patrons of the Bethlehem University Foundation and are Dames of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

Their terms will commence in November of this year.​

Mrs. Helena Christine, Esq:
Helena Christine is legal counsel at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, with a focus on economic development and institutional management. She is a member of the National Association of College and University Attorneys. Helena holds a Bachelor of Jurisprudence and Master of Jurisprudence from Oxford University. She and her husband Brian are members of the Southeastern Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and are Patrons of the Bethlehem University Foundation.



Mrs. Ann Dickson:
Ann Dickson plays an active role in the charitable works of the Diocese of Tucson, Arizona, and other Catholic philanthropic organizations. She was the Catechumenate Director at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Sierra Vista, Arizona (1999-2008). Ann is a Dame Commander with Star of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and is the Justice and Peace Coordinator for the Tucson Section of the Western Lieutenancy. Ann was instrumental in creating the Most Reverend Sir Gerald F. Kicanas KC*HS Endowed Scholarship at the Bethlehem University Foundation. Ann received the “Archangel Award” of the Western Lieutenancy for her work in establishing the endowed scholarship.


First Monday Rosary in Sierra Vista, Arizona

The Knights and Dames of the Order in Sierra Vista, AZ pray the First Monday Rosary at the same time as members in Tucson. However, as they are 70+ miles apart, they do it separately!

The Sierra Vista members recently met for social time with others, including some parishioners, who had expressed interest in the Order. They gathered in the parish rectory for the January 2020 social time, while celebrating the New Year. They hope to meet more often for social time in the future.

In this photo are Sir Thomas McCloskey, Dame Ann Dickson, Dame Maryann Hockstad, Sir Paul Angelo, Rev. Sir Greg Adolf, Rev. Sir Rob Neske, Sir Louis Gasper (Knight of the Southwestern Lieutenancy), and Fr. Amal Sebastiar, MSFS, newly assigned International Associate at St. Andre the Apostle Parish.

Children of Sir Thomas and Mary Ellen McCloskey with parishioners Ann Lund and Deacon Lauro Teran. We pray they all become Knights and Dames in due time.

Submitted by Dame Ann Dickson, DC*HS
Photos: Sir John Ratcliffe, KHS




san-diegoSan Diego Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of San Diego
Dame Nancy and Sir David Schanzlin



Morning of Reflection

Knights and Dames of San Diego,

We are planning a very special Advent Morning of Reflection on Saturday morning, December 4 at All Hallows Church. Please save the date!

The Morning reflection will begin with Mass at 8:30 am celebrated by the Most Reverend Ramon Bejarano, the Auxiliary Bishop for the San Diego Diocese. Bishop Bajarano will also lead us in the morning’s Advent Reflection beginning at 9:30 am.

As a special treat, a quartet from the San Diego Symphony will play reflective music between the Bishop’s talks.

We are planning to broadcast this Morning of Reflection via Zoom to the entire Western Lieutenancy.

I hope you will find the time to join this very special Morning of Reflection as we prepare ourselves for the birth of our Lord. Details will be sent by email.

David & Nancy Schanzlin
Area Co-Councillors San Diego
Western Lieutenancy
Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem





First Monday Rosary

Three Locations: Santa Sophia in Spring Valley, San Rafael Parish in Rancho Bernardo, All Hallows Parish in La Jolla.   7:00 PM
Bring a Friend to Pray the Rosary.

We are now praying the Rosary with in-person meetings. Contact your Area Co-Councillors for details.

We hope that everyone in the Order will participate in our monthly 1st Monday Rosary and pray for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother and Queen of Palestine, for the suffering Church in the Holy Land.

If you cannot attend please download this EOHSJ Rosary Booklet and pray along with us.

May God Bless you!

David & Nancy Schanzlin
Area Co-Councillors San Diego
858-456-2247 (home)
858-945-0081 (David’s cell)
619-203-2000 (Nancy’s cell)


San Bernardino Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of San Bernardino
Dame Densy Chandra   760-455-9345
Sir Gregory Chandra   909-556-1180



Inland Catholic Byte Commemorative Retirement Issue for Bishop Barnes

See the Western Lieutenancy’s congratulatory message on page 26.
Read the story of Bishop Barnes being given the Gold Palm Award, page 29.

Gold Palm Award Bestowed upon Bishop Emeritus Barnes

The Diocese of San Bernardino area members were invited to make presentation at the May 2021 Annual Bishop Dinner honoring the Bishop Emeritus Sir Gerald Most Reverend Barnes, KC*HS. The Order history and the Gold Palm award bestowed upon the Bishop Emeritus articles were printed in the Program Book.

Click here to watch a video of the presentation.


Year of St. Joseph

During the Year of St. Joseph the San Bernardino Area invites speakers to share insights about St. Joseph at the First Monday Rosary. Reverend Sir Felix Just, SJ was the November guest speaker. He has created a resource website about St. Joseph (click here).

While there is not much information available about St. Joseph, Father Felix did enlighten us about St. Joseph’s many qualities and roles as revealed in the Scriptures. Watch the video presentation here.


San Bernardino Area 2021 First Monday Rosary and Fasting Schedule 

Contact your Area Co-Councillors for information about First Monday Rosaries.

West End:
Saint Anthony Catholic Church
2110 N. San Antonio Avenue.
Upland, CA 91784
Coordinator: Sir Raymond Nolte, KC*HS (617-852-4492)

Redlands and vicinity:
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church
115 W. Olive Ave.
Redlands, CA 92374
Coordinators: Sir Rich Herbst, KC*HS (909-499-9940) and Dame Susie Herbst, DC*HS (909-214-1132)

Low Desert:
Date: TBA
Where: TBA

Start at 6:00 PM with prayer intentions, rosary and then a light meal.

Please call or mail me below with guest additions, prayer intentions or changes to reflect to each host.
Shannon Smith, DHS
cell:  (917)597-0309


Committees and Coordinators

Angel Ministry
Dame Dina and Deacon Sir Ayed Khader
Justice and Peace
Dame Ana and Sir Kevin Smead

Our Lady Queen of Palestine Projects
Dame Raida and Sir Nouri Sayegh
Outreach – Low Desert
Dame Mary Farrell

Outreach – West End
Dame Ruby and Sir Richard Simpson

Outreach – Hemet
Dame Muriel and Sir Wilfredo Vita

Rosary – Low Desert
Dame Marilyn and Sir Ross Willour

Rosary – San Bernardino
Dame Susie and Sir Richard Herbst

Rosary – West End
Dame Caroline and Sir Raymond Nolte

Strategic Development
Sir Thomas Davis

Dame Sharon and Sir Joe Kuebler
Dame Rebecca and Sir Jose Gutierrez
Year of Mercy
Dame Sandy and Sir Dan Miulli


Las Vegas Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Las Vegas
Dame Connie and Sir Joseph Micatrotto


Las Vegas Area – Second Tuesday Update
January 10, 2023


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Las Vegas Area – First Tuesday Update
November 8, 2022


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Las Vegas Area – First Tuesday Update
October 4, 2022


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The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Ordains Louis Salman,
Beneficiary of Las Vegas’ Adopt-A-Seminarian Program

In August 2021, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem ordained to the priesthood Louis Salman. Sir Joe and Dame Connie Micatrotto personally sponsored his studies at the Latin Seminary in Beit Jala under the Adopt-A-Seminarian Program. Now, he is Father Louis Salman! What a blessing!

Fr. Louis Salman celebrating his first Mass


Sir Joe and Dame Connie Micatrotto with then-seminarian Louis Salman

For 2020-21, the entire LV Council has adopted for the next six years their own Seminarian, Jiries Abu Khalil.


Las Vegas Diocese Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

The diocese is the second youngest in the United States and the top three in growth in North America. We celebrated this milestone during our in-person mid-year meeting in April 2021, attended by 120 EOHSJ members and other well-wishers. We are so blest now to have four bishops in residence in Las Vegas. The yummy cake, above, sweetened the celebration.


Las Vegas Area’s Support for Hogar Niño Dios Continues

Despite COVID-19, our support for the children and religious of Bethlehem’s Hogar Niño Dios project continues strong.

Our hearts are always with the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and volunteers who provide the love and care needed by these poor, orphaned, or abandoned children with serious mental and physical handicaps.


Las Vegas Diocese Ordains Msgr. Gregory Gordon as Its First Auxiliary Bishop

On July 16, 2021, the Las Vegas diocese ordained Msgr. Gregory Gordon, KC*HS, as its first Auxiliary Bishop. The ordination was held at the Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer in Las Vegas.

More than 1,500 attended the memorable event including 100 members of the Equestrian Order, nominees, 15 bishops, and Cardinal Roger Mahony.


Hogar Niño Dios Bethlehem (Hogar) – Special Video

Sir Joe and Dame Connie Micatrotto, Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Las Vegas Area, just received a nice video from Hogar that tugs the heart. They would like to share it with the membership. The video highlights the love, care, healing and education being provided by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and volunteers to poor, orphaned or abandoned children with serious mental and physical handicap. The children’s visit at Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity is particularly very touching.

Joe and Connie have a fabulous relationship with Hogar and its staff and volunteers especially Mother Roncesvalles, Fr. Carlos, and Fr. Marcelo.

Please click here to view the video. 



Faith in Action Today (FIAT)
Second Development Trip

In January/February, 2020 we made a second FIAT development trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The visit reaffirmed our commitment to the Order’s ministries in the Holy Land.  We visited Hogar Niño Dios and Notre Dame Des Douleurs in Jerusalem and Antonian Charitable Society in Bethlehem. The experience was exciting, rewarding and spiritually uplifting. 

Hogar Niño Dios – Bethlehem  

Hogar Niño Dios is not just a building but a way of showing God’s home on earth to children with no homes and in many ways have “no life”.  The nuns, priests and volunteers lovingly and unselfishly provide the severely mentally and physically impaired children of God with more then sustenance. They also  provide reasons for the children to open their eyes each day to a life of care and love. 

The 38 children are all readied for breakfast around 8:00 AM and brought into the large room where “wake up” is official with the morning clap-clap song.  No alarm clock needed.  Many of the showered children are ready and eager for breakfast, with eyes glowing with excitement and gratefulness that reflect the love of our Lord.  After breakfast, the children are taken to a big backyard for time on the swings and where possible, even soccer.  Understandably, however, those needing 100% constant care may not want or are unwilling to join.  Always having a full day are Mother Superior Roncesvalles, Fr. Marcelo, and Fr. Carlos.  All the religious belong to the Incarnate Order. 

Joe and Connie Micatrotto joyfully joined in some of the activities. These photos capture in part the children’s typical day

Ready for breakfast

On the way to the playground

Swing time

Group photo before lunch

Notre Dame Des Douleurs – Jerusalem

This is a retirement home founded in 1957 by the French congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of Sorrows. It welcomes and cares for Palestinian seniors in East Jerusalem.  It celebrated its 62nd anniversary in 2019.  Since its founding, poor and isolated people have been welcomed to be treated and accompanied on the human and spiritual levels and respect of their beliefs. Father Jean-Francois Claus, director of the home, said: “Our mission is to welcome all elderly persons, even if they are destitute. Our aim is to take care of them.”              

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6e552d35-3ef3-495d-93a6-b8ec5932232a-1024x768.jpg
Joe and Connie Micatrotto interacting with Notre Dame residents

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_6595-768x1024.jpg
Connie Micatrotto saying hello to the elderly residents

Antonian Charitable Society (ACS)

Bethlehem ACS is a fabulous group of men and women under the guidance of the Franciscan Holy Land community. It provides a welcoming home as well as a social center for residents of Bethlehem and the surrounding areas. The home is operated by full time staff and volunteers, who lovingly care for, feed and interact with elderly men and women who often have no other place to turn to for assistance. During our visit, we witnessed the outpouring of love and compassion everywhere.  Nuns cook, clean and generally oversee the full time residents as well as local visitors who socially interact with residents during daytime activities.  We assisted in social games and helped the more disabled with companionship and aid in feeding and exercise.     

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_6543-1024x768.jpg
Joe Micatrotto with two elder residents 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_6571-Micatrotto.jpg
Connie Micatrotto feeding one of the residents 

Submitted by Dame Connie and Sir Joseph Micatrotto, Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Las Vegas


Introducing Louis Salman, Beneficiary of our
Adopt-A-Seminarian Program

We have been blessed beyond measure with Louis Salman, whom we personally sponsored under our Adopt-A-Seminarian Program. We are honored to support him during his years at the Beit Jala seminary.

Louis hails from Amman, Jordan. He received his BS in Computer Graphics/Animation from the University of Princess Sumaya in Amman. After working in the graphics/animation industry for three years, he answered God’s call and entered the Seminary. He is now in his Pastoral Year and within 18 months of ordination to the priesthood.

For over three years Louis has shared with his adoptive American family his birth family in Amman. His mom is a homemaker. His dad is a professional Human Skills trainer in both English and Arabic. Louis has two brothers and a sister who just graduated from the University of Madaba in Jordan.

Louis is a joy in our lives and we are praying to be at his ordination in about two years. Our dream is to have him visit us and the Las Vegas Council of the EOHSJ in the near future.

Blessings in abundance,

Submitted by Dame Connie and Sir Joseph Micatrotto, Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Las Vegas


Click here to read the 2018 pilgrimage diary of Sir Joe and Dame Connie Micatrotto:

“44 Steppers Plus One….Holy Land pilgrimage in April 2018”

Salt Lake City Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Salt Lake City
Sir Raymond and Dame Rolinda Dardano


Equestrian Order invests new members from Utah
Friday, Oct. 22, 2021

Courtesy photo/Ray and Rolinda Dardano

By Special to the Intermountain Catholic

Members of the Salt Lake Area of the Western Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem are shown at the recent annual meeting in Las Vegas.

The Western Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ) held its first in-person annual meeting in two years in Las Vegas. The theme of the meeting was “Upon This Rock;” it was held in the Red Rocks area west of the city. The meeting weekend was spirit-filled and began with a “Rosary Under the Stars” at a ranch in Red Rock Canyon, a wonderful setting to come together as one community to pray for the Christians in the Holy Land.

That evening set the tone for a weekend of prayer and celebration, including a memorial Mass for the members who passed away in the past year. Presiding was the Most Rev. George L. Thomas, KC*HS Bishop of Las Vegas. Concelebrating was the Grand Prior of the Western Lieutenancy, His Excellency, the Most Reverend Jose H. Gomez, KC*HS, Archbishop of Los Angeles, along with 13 other prelates.

Members of the Salt Lake Area who passed away prior to September and that were remembered at the Mass were Sir Ross Brunetti, KCHS; Sir Michael Joseph, KGCHS; Dame Nora Mancuso, DCHS; and Sir Renaldo (Randy) Spagnoletti, KHS. The Saturday Mass also recognized the promotion in rank of more than 90 members, four of whom are members from the Salt Lake Council.

A Sunday Mass included the investiture of more than 60 new members to the Order, a larger-than-average group that spanned the two years since the last in-person annual meeting. The Masses were held at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, a relatively new parish in Las Vegas; the music ministry was provided by the parish choir and orchestra.

The EOHSJ focuses on the growth of the spirituality of its members and providing spiritual and financial support to Christians and Christian entities providing humanitarian services in the Holy Land. The Christians in most of the Holy Land communities are largely dependent either directly or indirectly upon tourism for their livelihood, so the pandemic continues to impact them greatly. It was reported at the meeting that the spiritual and financial support provided by the worldwide EOHSJ has been uplifting to those who strive to maintain their lives under these severe conditions.

For information regarding the EOHSJ, including how to help with the humanitarian fund, visit

Ray and Rolinda Dardano are the Area Co-Councillors for the Salt Lake Area of the Western Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

Honolulu Area News

Area Co-Councillors for the Diocese of Honolulu
Dame Ann and Sir Thomas Brehm