College des Frères Debate Club at the World School Debate Academy in Slovenia!

Passionate about debating and eager to take skills to the global stage, 12 students, from Collège des Frères Bethlehem Debate Club , under the coaching and entrepreneurship of Miss Muna Kattan, started training at the Academy, this Sunday. We’re thrilled to announce that our talented team recently embarked on an incredible journey to Slovenia, where they participated in the esteemed World School Debate Academy.

At the World School Debate Academy, renowned as the pinnacle of debating excellence, our students honed their critical thinking, persuasive speaking, and teamwork abilities. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, they engaged in rigorous training sessions, engaging workshops, and intense practice debates. They had the unique opportunity to interact with debaters from across the globe, exchanging ideas and learning from diverse perspectives.

Our passionate debaters , and our teacher, embraced the challenge of competing with the brightest minds in the world. They tackled complex topics ranging from global politics to ethical dilemmas, demonstrating their analytical prowess and eloquence. Their exceptional performances showcased the Colle des Frères Debate Club’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth, fostering a culture of respectful discourse, and inspiring future leaders.

By attending the World School Debate Academy, our students not only enhanced their debating skills but also forged lasting connections and built friendships with like-minded individuals who share their enthusiasm for intellectual exchange. They returned home with enriched perspectives and a profound sense of accomplishment, ready to make their mark on the world.

Special thanks to Miss Muna Kattan, for pursuing this vision and believing in our students, year after year now.

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