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About this Program

The Lord made it very clear why He came to live among us; to teach us how to live together and love our God and our neighbor. This initiative puts us next to our Lord, as He would wish, as role models following our Savior, our ultimate role model. We have no delusions; this is not a magic wand or the only answer to retaining and growing our Christian homeland residents. But we do believe if we can provide the few pieces of bread and fish, our Lord will multiply these efforts beyond anything we could envision. 

The genesis of this project came from the question: What could we do to assist our Christian families in the Holy Land that would help them to remain and prosper in their homeland?  Showing up was not enough. The incredible work of the EOHSJ could also benefit from an advanced sense of more local involvement – a tangible way to further our goal of sanctification, to perform true acts of Christian love in the Holy Land. 

This need led to a realization that we have the ability to do more than observe and empathize with their struggles. We are excited with the potential of FIAT. We believe the collective interest and enthusiasm will yield a force for understanding, planning, action, and growth for the lives of the living stones in the Holy Land. 

All we do, all we are as Knights and Dames of the EOHSJ, is meant to bring us closer to our own personal sanctification and holiness. FIAT is an integral part in making this goal a living and dynamic force for our Holy Land families and ourselves. Our vision is to serve the Christians in the Holy Land by addressing these needs:  

  • Personal care for special needs children and infirmed seniors
  • Education and recreation at all levels
  • Safety and health issues and concerns
  • Social justice
  • Spiritual solidarity and nourishment
  • Joining in local church and community celebrations

Message from our Lieutenant

The FIAT program has been developed to bring help and support to the Living Stones of the Holy Land, our brothers and sisters in Christ.  As members, you have the opportunity to serve our fellow Christians. This work also brings hope to many people struggling with the challenges of today.

Considerable thought and planning has gone into the program. Working together with the representatives of the Patriarchate and Custody of the Holy land, we have been able to create a program that will be fulfilling for all parties. We believe it will be a life changing experience!  With FIAT, you will be living with the people, experiencing their lives in the Holy Land.  Through your service, FIAT gives the opportunity to grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Special thanks to our Holy Land Councillor, Dame Denise Marie Scalzo and the coordinators of FIAT, Sir Joe and Dame Connie Micatrotto.  They have put their expertise and time into making this a most memorable experience. 

Each service location brings a different experience.  Please pray and give careful discernment to your decision.  Know that by your giving of your time, you are giving the most precious gift to the people there, yourself.  May this pilgrimage of Faith, your FIAT, bring God’s love to you and to all God’s children in His holy land!

May Our Lady of Palestine bless you,

H.E. Dame Margaret Romano
EOHSJ Western Lieutenancy

Support This Program

FIAT is not only supported by the life skills and time investment of our members, but also relies on financial support for success. Please consider supporting our members’ ministry in the Holy Land.