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Run by the Daughters of Charity, the Saint Vincent Ain Karem Special Needs Home provides support for over 60 severely physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults, needing 24/7 assistance. Ranging from one year to their early twenties, they come from all parts of Israel. All are welcome regardless of race or religion. Many require constant care and are unable to leave their cribs and beds. Many need to be spoon fed. Lifespan can be as short as twenty years. These children are here because their families cannot afford, or lack the skills, to provide for their needs. The Western Lieutenancy has provided a van, special beds, air conditioning and other support items to St. Vincent.

The St. Vincent Home for Handicapped Children was founded in 1964 to care for 70 severely mentally and physically disabled children. The home is operated by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, an international community based in Paris. The home operates the Ma’ayan (Spring) School on the home’s premises for children aged 3 and older.The Jerusalem Foundation has periodically provided support for the purchase of equipment, including beds, televisions, bicycles and computers, and has supported music lessons and other activities. In 1997, the Foundation provided strollers that were donated by a Palestinian-American, the Foundation’s first-ever Palestinian donor.

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St. Vincent Ain Karem Special Needs Home operated by The Daughters of Charity provides around-the-clock care for over sixty children and young adults, coming from all parts of Israel, who suffer from severe physical and mental handicaps.
St. Vincent Ain Karim Special Needs Home is entirely dependent upon donations. None of the families being served are able to pay tuition and very few can even pay the token fee. This special needs house is the only program in the region which serves these children.
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