The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Western Lieutenancy, through the generous contributions of its members, is able to support these worthy projects in the Holy Land.


  • The Twelve Apostles School and St. Pius X Schools in Zarqa, Jordan (Zarqa North and South) – Zarqa comes from the Roman word for “dusty” due to its location in a dry sandy desert. This refugee city outside of Amman, Jordan, is made up of middle and low-income workers and experiences high unemployment. The Western Lieutenancy has directly supported both schools since 2003. Our mission is to invest in the educational future of the Zarqa students by providing educational facilities, materials, and financial support for the students. The Lieutenancy has in the past provided: new computers, labs, library, repair and maintenance of infrastructure, backpacks, gym clothes, sweaters, and school supplies.

A current project seeks support and funding for the “Jacket Project” to provide winter jackets to students. A special project focus is to fully fund the Summer School program at both schools. Each year, summer camps provide 600 Christian and Muslim boys and girls the opportunity to participate in sports, arts, drama, volunteer work, music, and catechism in a safe environment. (Local parks that we take for granted are very scarce in Zarqa). In honor of our late past Lieutenant, H.E. William H. Davidson, who had a special love for helping the Children the Zarqa Schools, the Lieutenancy has established the Davidson Endowment to support the summer camps at the Zarqa schools.

  • Latin Seminary – Adopt-A-Seminarian Program – The Latin Seminary in Beit Jala educates, trains, and forms men to serve as priests for the Roman Catholic community of the Holy Land. The Adopt-A-Seminarian program provides sponsorships of individual men in their journey to ordination. By committing $5000 per year for four years of major seminary formation, the sponsor (an individual or small group) not only gifts the Holy Land with a priest but establishes a personal relationship with a young man who is devoting his life to the people of God in a unique way in a very difficult part of the world.
  • Bethlehem University – The EOHSJ has been a longtime supporter of Bethlehem University. Founded in 1973 this Catholic co-educational institution emphasizes excellence in academic programs and the development as committed individuals prepared to assume leading positions in Holy Land society. The Lieutenancy funds scholarships, provides chemistry equipment, and assistance to special needs students.

Seeking to increase access to higher education in the Holy Land, the Knights and Ladies of the Tucson Area developed the H.E. Most Reverend Sir Gerald F. Kicanas, EOHSJ Scholarship Endowment to honor Bishop Kicanas, the former Bishop of Tucson. It reflects his great compassion for all in need and desire for all young people to have a chance to succeed. The University seeks to develop students who become community leaders in the Holy Land and have productive careers.

  • The De La Salle High School Debate Team –  The Christian Brothers’ High School in Bethlehem has pioneered a debate program which, despite limited resources, is competing in international tournaments. The Western USA Lieutenancy was able to help these gifted students participate in local and international debate as part of the goal of improving education and intercommunications. The Debate team not only won local and national competition, but was able to compete in the European competition and won there as well. This is an ongoing opportunity to help young adults prepare for life and community roles through critical thinking and public speaking..
  • Holy Child Program –The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist oversee this program near Bethlehem. The Holy Child Program provides an intense therapeutic day treatment program and alternative education for children in the Holy Land who suffer from complex mental health issues. It also provides a sanctuary of safety for the families of the region. The program facilitates the acquisition and development of new skills, recovery and rehabilitation from trauma, builds resiliency, and instills hope for the future through a community of caring by committed professionals.
  • St. Vincent’s Ain Karem – Run by the Daughters of Charity, the Saint Vincent Ain Karem Special Needs Home provides support for over 60 severely physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults, needing 24/7 assistance. Ranging from one year to their early twenties, they come from all parts of Israel. All are welcome regardless of race or religion. Many require constant care and are unable to leave their cribs and beds. Many need to be spoon fed. Lifespan can be as short as twenty years. These children are here because their families cannot afford, or lack the skills, to provide for their needs. The Western Lieutenancy has provided a van, special beds, air conditioning and other support items to St. Vincent.
  • Italian Hospital of Karak Jordan – The Comboni Sisters Italian Hospital of Karak offers medical services to one of the poorest regions of Jordan. Christian and Muslim health care providers work side-by-side with a common mission: to treat everyone, no matter their ethnicity or religion, with special attention to the poor. Thanks to the generous bequest by Rev. Sir William Harnischfeger, KCHS, our first Legacy Society member, the Western Lieutenancy was able to fund urgently needed building improvements and equipment. The sisters need help in ministering to the sick and disabled in this very challenged area.


  • Hogar Nino Dios (Bethlehem) – The Sisters of the Incarnate Word welcome children who are handicapped, poor, abandoned or orphaned, and children who have a serious mental or physical need. Hogar Nino Dios is located steps from the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The Sisters of the Incarnate Word heal, educate, and care for these discarded children.


  • Holy Land Economic Development Fund –

 ”Where there’s no work, there is no dignity.” Pope Francis

Having a job is essential to Christians who desire to remain and prosper in their homeland; jobs help to slow ongoing emigration from the Holy Land. Through this initiative, we are able to help create and sustain jobs by funding small business loans to Christians in the Holy Land. A small loan, up to $15,000 is funded to vetted, qualified borrowers who often lack collateral or credit history. These small business loans support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty, and in many cases, empower men and women and uplift entire communities. The EOHSJ is in partnership with Caritas Jerusalem who works closely with us to administer the EDF program. The Holy Land Economic Development Fund invites you to join us in our efforts to preserve the presence of Christians in the Holy Land by donating to the EDF.


  • The Latin Patriarchal Diocese of Jerusalem – The Patriarchal Diocese oversees about 200,000 faithful in four countries, including Galilee, Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Cyprus, covering a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, religions and traditions. Serving all with special emphasis on the support and care of indigenous Holy Land Christians remains the enduring mission of the Mother Church through the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The Western Lieutenancy supports parochial schools, homes for the elderly, Caritas Jerusalem, and the many vital ministries of the faithful in the Holy Land.
  • The Society of St Yves Catholic Center for Human Rights – The St Yves Society was founded in 1991 by the former Latin Patriarch, Michel Sabbah, to help “the poor and the oppressed”. The Society provides free legal representation and advocacy in the courts to prevent human rights abuses – especially home demolitions and land confiscations, not only of Palestinian Christians but even of land and structures belong to the Patriarchate and Catholic Orders.