Mount Tabor – The Transfiguration

Mount Tabor, located in the Galilee region of northern Israel, is a significant pilgrimage site revered for its association with the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. According to Christian tradition, Jesus ascended Mount Tabor with his disciples Peter, James, and John, where he was transfigured before them, his face shining like the sun and his clothes becoming dazzling white (Matthew 17:1-9). This miraculous event affirmed Jesus’ divinity and was witnessed by Moses and Elijah, representing the Law and the Prophets.

For pilgrims, Mount Tabor offers a spiritual journey into the mystery of the Transfiguration and a glimpse of the glory of Jesus Christ. The summit of Mount Tabor is crowned by the Church of the Transfiguration, a Byzantine-style church with stunning mosaic artworks depicting the Transfiguration scene. Pilgrims ascend the mountain to visit this holy site, where they can contemplate the revelation of Jesus’ divine nature and pray for spiritual enlightenment and transformation in their own lives.

Beyond its religious significance, Mount Tabor provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Galilean countryside. The natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the mountain invite pilgrims to engage in prayer, reflection, and meditation, fostering a deep connection to the sacred history and spiritual heritage of the Holy Land. Many pilgrims also participate in Mass or prayer services at the Church of the Transfiguration, seeking to draw closer to God and to carry the message of the Transfiguration’s hope and revelation into their daily lives.