Jubilee 2025


An official EOHSJ Pilgrimage

October 21-23, 2025

Journey with us

Bringing our Members to Rome

On behalf of the President of the Commission, Ambassador Alfredo Bastianelli, we thank you once again for the large number of adhesions received so far to the Pilgrimage that the Order is organizing for its Members in Rome on the occasion of the 2025 Jubilee.

As already mentioned, for the logistical and organizational aspects, the Order decided to collaborate with Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP), a leader in the field of religious tourism.

Thanks to the landing page created by ORP it will be possible to view the programme and the various packages provided. It will also be possible to confirm participation and request accommodation services (as well as extra services) by filling in the registration form with the required information and proceeding with the payment of the first deposit.

We are therefore entering a more concrete phase and we kindly ask you to inform each Knight and Dame interested in the Pilgrimage that they can now proceed with the booking through this link.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you once again that the requests from all over the world for hotel accommodation in Rome, on the occasion of the Jubilee, are already very numerous, and yet the ORP, in agreement with the Order, has managed to option a selection of very qualified hotels, which will not be available for a long time.

Therefore, we suggest to proceed with bookings as soon as possible, and within the deadlines indicated in the registration form, given that ORP will inevitably give priority to those who register first and complete the reservation with the payment of the deposit.

From the Grand Magisterium

Cross the threshold of the Holy Doors of Rome along with members from all lieutenancies.



Departure: October 21, 2025

Return: March 22, 2025

Registration Deadline: TBD


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