Pray for Deceased Members

Please pray for following members of our Order
who have passed on since the 2020 Annual Meeting.
May their souls rest in peace.

Dame Marion Broding, DGCHS, San Diego
Reverend Kieran Kleczewski, KCHS, Phoenix
Dame Edna Di Falco DGCHS, Honolulu
Sir Renaldo Spagnoletti, KHS, Salt Lake City
Dame Patricia Kielty, DGCHS, San Diego
Mr. Fidel Leos, Los Angeles
Dame Maria Castellanos, DGCHS, Tucson
Dame Vickie Race, DHS, Los Angeles
Sir Richard Castellanos, KGCHS, Tucson
Dame Madeline Haecherl, DGCHS, San Diego
Sir Trevor Swales, KHS, Las Vegas
Dame Mary Valdez, DHS, Tucson
Dame Betty Jungen, DGCHS, Tucson
Dame Phyllis Fiorentino, DHS, Orange
Dame Joan Kruse, DGCHS, San Bernardino
Sir Robert Pernecky, KGCHS, Los Angeles
Sir Michael Joseph, KGCHS, Salt Lake City
Sir George Stahla, KHS, Phoenix
Reverend Scott Bush, KHS, Honolulu
Dame Nancy Schultz, DC*HS, San Diego
Dame Doramary Bartolic, DGCHS, Orange
Dame Arlene Jabczenski, DC*HS, Tucson
Sir Ross Brunetti, KCHS, Salt Lake City
Dame Mary Jane Pavlikowski, DGCHS, Tucson
Dame Maria Ferrucci, DHS, Orange
Dame Sheila Hanley, DCHS, Los Angeles
Sir William Hanley, KCHS, Los Angeles
Sir William Jungen, KGCHS, Tucson
Sir George Dunning, KGCHS, Phoenix
Dame Patricia Bamberger, DGCHS, San Bernardino
Dame Audrey Esnard, DHS, Orange
Dame Teena Scholte, DGCHS, Las Vegas
H.E. John Boyce, KGCHS, San Diego
Dame Nora Mancuso, DCHS, Salt Lake City
Sir Ross Bacica, KC*HS, Los Angeles
Sir Edward Kaleff, Sr., KGCHS, San Bernardino
Sir Louis Angelo Rezzonico Jr., KGCHS, San Diego
Dame Margaret Quesada, DCHS, Tucson
Reverend Monsignor Joseph Carroll, KHS, San Diego
Reverend Sir Michael Ratajczak, KHS, San Diego
Dame Mary Baird, DGCHS, Orange
Dame Georgia McKearly, DGCHS, San Diego
Sir Harry Marshalian, KGCHS, Los Angeles
Most Rev. Sir Peter Esterka, KC*HS, Orange
Dame Julie Condon, DCHS, Los Angeles


Let us pray:
Into your loving arms, Father of mercies, we commend our departed 
brothers and sisters.
Let the choir of angels open to them the gates of the new Jerusalem.
Help us who remain to comfort 
 one another with assurances of faith
until we all meet in Christ and are with you forever. 


Request a Mass be Celebrated for a Deceased Member