Feasts of St. Helena and Pope St. Pius X

Dear Fellow Knights and Dames,

In the month of August, we are celebrating the feast days of two great saints of our Order – St. Helena and Pope St. Pius X. As the Church commemorates the lives of these remarkable saints, Bishop Trudeau and Fr. Partida have provided to us beautiful reflections which offer us a glimpse into the profound impact of their lives, their faith, and their actions.  

Through these reflections, please take the time to meditate on the legacies of these saints, whose feast days serve as a reminder of their enduring influence on the faithful and the Church as a whole.

H.E. Margaret Romano, DGCHS
EOHSJ Western Lieutenancy

Click here for Bishop Trudeau’s reflection on Pope Saint Pius X.

Click here for Father Partida’s reflection on Saint Helena.