Hogar Nino Dios

July 2023 at Hogar

During the month of July we were blessed with many volunteers who were generously helping out at the Hogar with various tasks: we had a group coming from Ireland, accompanied by a priest and a sister from our Religious Family. Unitalsi and a group of the Spanish lieutenants of the Equestrian Order of the Holy

Volunteers at Hogar Niño Dios during the pandemic

Anna, a developmental age neuropsychomotor therapist, tells us what motivated her to undertake this experience: “As soon as I graduated from the University of Turin, I felt a push to dedicate my time and my professionalism to Bethlehem. So I chose a Civilian Service project that would allow me to put into practice the skills I

A renewed commitment to support children and young people with disabilities

To offer this service, the Hogar must face very high costs daily, due above all to the particular needs of its small guests. As the new Superior of the house, Sister Roches, tells us, the structure is supported thanks to the help of generous and charitable people from all over the world. Among the supporters