2024 Mid-Year Meeting Summary – Tucson

On 10 April 2024 Dames and Knights from the Diocese of Tucson gathered for the 2024 Mid-Year meeting.  The annual mid-year meeting is an opportunity for members of the Order to receive an update from a member of the Western Lieutenancy Leadership Team and from the Co-Councillors of the Tucson EOHSJ.  It is also a time to socialize and “catch-up” with fellow Knights and Dames.  The meeting was held at Cathedral Square in downtown Tucson.

The meeting began with Mass at Our Lady’s Chapel celebrated by Most Reverend Edward J. Weisenburger – Bishop of Tucson.  The EOHSJ Mission is to support the church in the Holy Land.  Bishop reflected that many of the members were at the annual meeting on                     7 October 2024 when the war began in the Holy Land.  It is a very difficult time not only for Christians, but for everyone living in the land of Jesus. In his Homily, he spoke of the joy of the risen Christ.  He noted that while today’s Church may be smaller, he believes that Catholics are more faithful than ever.  The readings and Gospel were readings of hope and looking forward.

Sir Viktor Rzeteljski, Chancellor of the Western Lieutenancy was the featured speaker.  He updated the members on current Western Lieutenancy activities.  The activities include:

  • A new spirituality team is in place with a focus on celebrating EOHSJ Feast Days and increasing spirituality.  Use this link to view the latest newsletter:  Spirituality Newsletter – First Quarter – Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (eohsjwesternusa.org)
  • The Cardinal Grand Master has approved pilgrimages to other countries.  Please check the Western Lieutenancy web page for a listing of upcoming pilgrimages or use this link:  Pilgrimage – Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (eohsjwesternusa.org)
  • Annual contributions support funding for special projects including House of Three Kings, Holy Child Program, Bethlehem University, and others. 
  • The Peace and Mercy Campaign raising funds for the Holy Land Humanitarian fund was reviewed.  This fund-raising campaign will run through March of 2025.
  • 67 Knights and Dames were invested in 2023.  89 nominations for 2024.
  • 101 Knights and Dames promoted in 2023.  85 promotions for 2024.
  • Future annual meetings
    • 2024 Salt Lake City 2025 Big Island of Hawaii 2026 San Diego

Dame Ana Sanguineti updated the members on the Legacy Program. 

Remembering the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem in your estate plan continues the commitment to the Order made throughout your life. It completes your faithful service of giving and provides needed funding for future Holy Land needs. The Legacy Society is the recognition that a member will continue their faithful investment in the Order and the Holy Land after their passing. The Legacy Society works to help ensure members’ wishes are reflected and respected.

• Any estate gift qualifies you as a member of the Legacy Society
• Greater commitments qualify for special appreciation and events
• Significant gifts may be directed to special projects or programs
• A gift can become a long-term funding solution for a special needs project

Sir David Ball updated the members on Tucson EOHSJ Activities.

  • Reviewed EOHSJ mission
    • Prayer
      • Conscientious practice of the Catholic Faith
      • Engagement with Parrish and Community
    • Philanthropy
      • Making an annual contribution
      • Keeping informed about the works of the Order in the Holy Land
    • Pilgrimage
      • Encountering the Christians of the Holy Land in a personal way
      • Visiting the many ministries supported by the Order
  • Tucson EOHSJ State of Affairs
    • What’s working
      • First Monday Rosaries Advent Retreats Lenten Retreats
      • Mid-Year Meetings Legacy Society Special Masses
      • Scholarships Events Calendar Justice and Peace
    • Improvement Opportunities
      • Communication Nominations EOHSJ Feast Days
  • 2024 Statistics
    • 113 Members (88 Active) Three Investees Six Promotions
  • Thank You
    • Religious, Knights, and Dames for continued support to the Order
    • Dame Sister Lois Paha Liturgical Coordinator
    • Sir Henry and Maria Sarnoff First Monday Rosary Coordinators
    • Dame Ana Sanguineti Legacy Society Coordinator
    • Dame Ann Dickson Justice and Peace Coordinator