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Debate Club of the De la Salle Brothers In Bethlehem

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The College of des Frères, Bethlehem Debate Club is the result is a co-educational institute founded and operated under the Lasallian tradition of education. The mission of the school is to provide quality education to people of Palestine and serve as a center for advancement, sharing, and use of knowledge.

In December 2014, the school introduced a program that gives an opportunity for students to compete with their peers from around the world putting to the test their critical thinking and analytical skills, the knowledge of important facts about the world and society, their ability to argue logically and carefully.

The USA Western Lieutenancy has supported the school’s debate team in past years by providing grants to allow the team to compete in international debate competitions. In a letter of thanks for the grants provided by the Western Lieutenancy, the headmaster George Naber and the coordinator of the Debate Club, Muna Kattan wrote: “While we brought forward the debates, while we were preparing, forming and coordinating, we always had in mind that we had to make you proud of the support that you have given us.”

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