October 2024

The City of Toulouse – La Ville Rose

Toulouse, France, invites visitors on a captivating journey through time and spirituality, anchored by the historic Eglise des Jacobins. Dating back to the 13th century, this Gothic masterpiece, constructed from distinctive red brick, stands as a testament to Toulouse’s rich architectural heritage. Within its sacred walls, pilgrims encounter the relics of St. Thomas Aquinas, the

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The Shrine of Lourdes

The Shrine of Lourdes beckons as a sanctuary of spiritual solace and profound healing, drawing pilgrims from around the world to its sacred grounds. Located in the picturesque town of Lourdes, nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains in France, this revered shrine holds a special place in the hearts of believers as a

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Cathedral of Oviedo

During our visit to the Cathedral of Oviedo, we explore the Chapel of San Miguel, a sacred space housing significant relics from the Middle Ages. Renowned as a vital stopping point on the Way to Santiago, this chapel holds relics such as the Cross of the Angels, Victory Cross, and the Agate Casket, underscoring its

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Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, stands as a beacon of spiritual devotion and architectural splendor, revered as the city of Spain’s patron saint and the most renowned of the Spanish shrines. The name “Compostela,” derived from the Latin “field of the star,” pays homage to the tradition of St. James (Santiago), the patron saint of Spain,

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Coimbra, Portugal, holds a unique allure for pilgrims, boasting historical sites and spiritual significance. One such site is the Discalced Carmelite Convent, where Sister Lucia, one of the visionaries of Fatima, resided for much of her life until her passing in 2005. Upon entering the convent, she adopted the name Sister Mary Lucia of Jesus

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The City of Porto

Porto, Portugal, is a compelling destination renowned for its seaside vistas and historic port wine. Nestled along the banks of the Douro River, Porto offers captivating views of colorful buildings cascading down to the waterfront and lush vineyards dotting the nearby hillsides. Whether you’re exploring the charming streets of the old town or enjoying a

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City of Lisbon

Lisbon, a city steeped in Catholic history and tradition, stands as a testament to the enduring faith of Portugal. With roots tracing back to Phoenician settlers around 1200 BC, Lisbon’s story is intertwined with the spread of Christianity throughout the Iberian Peninsula. However, it was during the 1500s that Lisbon emerged as much a force

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Shrine of Fatima

On May 13, 1917, the image of the Virgin Mary appeared here to three shepherd children, Francisco and Jacinta Marto and Lucia dos Santos. The apparition asked the three children to pray for world peace. On October 13, 1917, the Lady appeared before the children and announced she was Our Lady of Rosary and is

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