Cathedral of Oviedo

During our visit to the Cathedral of Oviedo, we explore the Chapel of San Miguel, a sacred space housing significant relics from the Middle Ages. Renowned as a vital stopping point on the Way to Santiago, this chapel holds relics such as the Cross of the Angels, Victory Cross, and the Agate Casket, underscoring its historical importance as a repository of treasures associated with the Asturian Monarchy. The Cathedral, also known as Sancta Ovetensis, boasts the Holy Chamber as its sole surviving component from the ancient high-medieval complex, serving as a testament to its rich religious heritage and enduring significance.

At the heart of the Cathedral of Oviedo lies the revered “Camara Santa” or Holy Chamber, revered for its venerable relics. Among these treasures is the Agate Box, a coffer crafted by the disciples of the Apostles, believed to contain the most precious relics of the Holy City. According to Bishop Pelagius, this sacred coffer journeyed from Jerusalem to Africa before finding its resting place in Oviedo under the patronage of Alfonso II. With its rich history and revered artifacts, the Cathedral of Oviedo stands as a beacon of faith and pilgrimage, inviting visitors to uncover its timeless mysteries and pay homage to its storied past.