Mount Zion and Dormition Abbey

Mount Zion, situated just outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, is believed to be the location of several key events in Jesus’ life and ministry. It is traditionally associated with the Last Supper, where Jesus gathered with his disciples to share the Passover meal. The Upper Room, or Cenacle, where this event took place, is located on Mount Zion and is visited by pilgrims seeking to connect with the origins of the Eucharist and the institution of the priesthood.

Adjacent to the Upper Room is the Dormition Abbey, a striking church that commemorates the Blessed Virgin Mary’s falling asleep, or dormition, and assumption into heaven according to Catholic tradition. The Abbey, with its Gothic architecture and serene interior, is believed to be the place where Mary spent her last days. Pilgrims visit the Dormition Abbey to pray and reflect on Mary’s role in salvation history and her perpetual intercession for all believers.

Together, Mount Zion, Dormition Abbey and the Cenacle offer pilgrims a profound journey into the heart of Christian faith and history. They provide opportunities for prayer, reflection, and worship, allowing visitors to deepen their spiritual lives while commemorating significant events and figures central to the Christian tradition. These sites continue to inspire believers from around the world to draw closer to God and to the sacred mysteries of the faith.