A Marian Pilgrimage to

Fatima & Lourdes

Lisbon, Porto, Santiago, Oviedo, San Sebastian & Toulouse

Group Coordinators

Spiritual Coordinator

Bishop Marc Trudeau

Spiritual Coordinator

Fr. Mark Strader

Journey with us

From the Valinhos of Fatima to the
Grotto of Lourdes

Dear Friends;

We wish to you invite you to take part in a Marian Pilgrimage where we will journey through France, Spain and Portugal. We will have many opportunities to express our devotion to Our Blessed Mother and to grow in it while visiting Fatima and Lourdes, two of the most famous Marian Shrines of our Catholic Church.

We will also visit Santiago de Campostela, the burial place of St. James, which is the third major Christian Pilgrim site. We will also visit several historical sites as well as many holy places.

We will celebrate Mass each day in very special holy sanctuaries and have time for our own personal prayer and devotion. This Pilgrimage will be an excellent opportunity for pilgrims to deepen their faith and foster new friendships along the way or deepen those established during our previous pilgrimage trips.

For Christians, the notion of a Pilgrimage is important. From the earliest days of the Church, Pilgrimages have been an important part of a life of a Catholic. A pilgrimage leads us to sacred sites of our faith, to inspire us with the lives of holy men and women who allow our faith to be deepened.

We hope you will decide to be a part of this wonderful experience.

Blessings on your travels,

Bishop Marc V. Trudeau
Reverend Mark Strader
Viktor & Mary Beth Rzeteljski

In the Footsteps of the Saints.

Come on a European journey inspired by the lives of holy young Marian visionaries.



Departure: October 16, 2024

Return: October 28, 2024

Registration Deadline: April 15, 2024


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