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The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is a Catholic order of chivalry commissioned to support the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Christian presence in the Holy Land.


Latest News


2022 Annual Meeting


We are excited that our Annual Meeting Registration site is open. Join us for a wonderful weekend of spirituality and community.

Pray with our Bishops and Clergy at our beautiful liturgies.

Rock with your fellow members at Rockin Rose Bowl at the Saturday Party, wearing your favorite college team gear/jersey or rock and roll garb.

Enjoy a special address by Bishop Robert Barron on Sunday morning.

We then will welcome our newest members into our Western Lieutenancy family and celebrate with them at our Grand Ball.

Click here to register for the Annual Meeting.

Click here to book your hotel reservation.


August 18, Feast of St. Helena

Holy and blessed Saint Helena, with the anguish and devotion with which you sought the Cross of Christ, I plead that you give me God’s grace to suffer in patience the labors of this life, so that through them and through your intercession and protection, I will be able to seek and carry the Cross, which God has placed upon me, so that I can serve Him in this life and enjoy His Glory ever after.


Pray the Rosary!

Each of the 9 Areas in the Western Lieutenancy gather together to pray the Rosary.

Click here for more information.







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