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The Holy Land Humanitarian Fund

Supporting Christians in the Holy Land In Time of War The tragic events which saw their beginning in October 2023 brought destruction, heartbreak and helplessness upon those who call the Holy Land home, regardless of nation or creed. In this dire situation of conflict that the Holy Land is experiencing, it is also urgent that

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Society of St. Yves

About this Ministry The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights (“St. Yves”) is a Catholic human rights organization, founded in 1991 by Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah, and operating under the umbrella of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The organization was named after St. Yves of Bretagne, the patron saint of lawyers

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St. Vincent Ain Karem

About the Ministry Run by the Daughters of Charity, the Saint Vincent Ain Karem Special Needs Home provides support for over 60 severely physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults, needing 24/7 assistance. Ranging from one year to their early twenties, they come from all parts of Israel. All are welcome regardless of race

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Seminarian Pilgrimages

About this Ministry We are excited to announce a pilot program to sponsor seminarians on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land! Starting this year a small group of seminarians in their final formation from St. John Seminary will be traveling with their Rector to the Holy Land. We felt and hope this experience of walking

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Medical Missions

About this Ministry There is no free healthcare in Palestine. Due to severe economic conditions and high unemployments, most individuals do not obtain preventative check-ups and wellness care, resulting in increased rates of illness. It is the goal of the EOHSJ Medical Mission team to fill this gap in primary care. The Western Lieutenancy, with

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Latin Patriarch Beit Jala Seminary

About the Seminary The Latin Patriarchal Seminary has welcomed and formed candidates to become diocesan priests in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and in other dioceses for over a century and a half. Patriarch Giuseppe Valerga founded the Seminary in December 1852 with a truly Catholic vision: to form local Arab Christians and young men

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Holy Child

About this Ministry The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist oversee this program near Bethlehem. The Holy Child Program provides an intense therapeutic day treatment program and alternative education for children in the Holy Land who suffer from complex mental health issues. It also provides a sanctuary of safety for the families of the region. The

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